Internship Report

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Table of Contents

Company / Institution Background4
Brief description and history of the company4
Overview of the Internship Project5
Description and content of the project5
The technical aspect and details of the project6
Activities performed during the internship6
Coordination and flow of the project10
Problems encountered during the project10
Final status of the project11
Experience Gained During the Internship Period11
Objectives/Expectations and Achievements/Reality of the Internship12 Final Assessment and Conclusion of the Report13

Company/ Institution Background

Brief description and history of the company
The company which became IBM was founded in 1896 as the Tabulating Machine Company by Herman Hollerith, in Broome County, New York (Endicott, New York, where it still maintains very limited operations). It was incorporated as Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (CTR) on June 16, 1911, and was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1916. IBM adopted its current name in 1924, when it became a Fortune 500 company. In the 1950s, IBM became the dominant vendor in the emerging computer industry with the release of the IBM 701 and other models in the IBM 700/7000 series of mainframes. The company's dominance became even more pronounced in the 1960s and 1970s with the IBM System/360 and IBM System/370 mainframes, however antitrust actions by the United States Department of Justice, the rise of minicomputer companies like Digital Equipment Corporation and Data General, and the introduction of the microprocessor all contributed to dilution of IBM's position in the industry, eventually leading the company to diversify into other areas including personal computers, software, and services. In 1981 IBM introduced the IBM Personal Computer which is the original version and progenitor of the IBM PC compatible hardware platform. Descendants of the IBM PC compatibles make up the majority of microcomputers on the market today. IBM sold its PC division to the Chinese company Lenovo on May 1, 2005 for $655 million in cash and $600 million in Lenovo stock. On January 25, 2007, Ricoh announced purchase of IBM Printing Systems Division for $725 million and investment in 3-year joint venture to form a new Ricoh subsidiary, InfoPrint Solutions Company; Ricoh will own a 51% share, and IBM will own a 49% share in InfoPrint. IBM Türk was founded in 1945. Currently, in IBM Türk there is no development department. IBM Türk mainly concentrates on providing IT solutions to companies and managing the sales and service of IBM products. These products include both hardware and software. Some of the software products include Lotus, Tivoli, DB2, OS/2, Web Sphere and some of the hardware products include X335 and Blade Server centers, think pads and desktop solutions.

Overview of the Internship Project

Description and the content of the project

My internship project in IBM Türk was about the processes that take place within IBM itself and between IBM and its customers. The word “process” is referred to as any single activity that needs to be recorded for auditing reasons. These activities consist of problems and incidents and their solution approaches, routine activities that will be applied to customer systems etc. My project involved the observation and mapping of such processes by talking and discussing the work flow with the related responsible workers and optimizing the existing process flows. Because the existing process flows are taken directly from the operation manuals of global IBM, not all roles and responsibilities are applicable to the operations structure in IBM Turkey. We have gone over those variations and sought for any necessary changes.

Technical details and aspects of the project
In large and globally organized companies it is very important to be as standardized as possible. Since these companies act like learning organisms, they can provide certain standards for their...
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