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Appendix E

Hardware/Software Components

In your own words, describe the following hardware/software components

Legacy systems

The hardware and software components of a company’s existing IT system. In a company’s legacy system they can make big investments, an investment that can cost a multinational company billions of dollars to buy and develop. Mainframe computers

The first mainframe computer was built in 1951 using the vacuum-tube technology. IBM is the leading developer of mainframe computers. Managers could only access them through the company’s computer engineers. Microprocessors

Also known as a “computer on a chip” the microprocessor was created in 1970 by Intel. It was very less powerful than a mainframe, but helped with the idea that Intel had for “standalone” computing. Which an individual user could have a computer using the chip on his or her desk and could be able to program it to whatever he or she wanted it to do. PCs

Also known as a “personal computer” was introduced in 1976 by Apple. It was a kit form of the PC and as sold to enthusiasts worldwide and they assembled a PC and programed it with a computer language. IBM introduced its first computer in 1981. Network computers

This computer connects to an individual’s PCs in the network. Some companies had limited IT budgets and used them as a substitute for a mainframe. The PCs linked to a central server known as a “LAN”. World Wide Web and Internet

The World Wide Web and Internet was created because, the world needed a way to find and share information. Tim Berners-Lee; a software scientist wrote the first HTML software code which made it possible to post the information on Web pages. Wired and wireless broadband technology

This is a type of communication hardware that allows quick transmission of large amounts of information. Enable to access information on WWW, this hardware was developed and can handle many billions of bytes per second. PC...
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