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Martelli Shiyi Lu 18 Oct 2013 The company I chose is IBM. IBM's organizational structure is typical of multi-product or multi-business companies. In this article I will through three ways to analyze that company. There is company’s background, employment, issued facing the company. Background “Since its inception, IBM has been a company that defined itself not by particular products, technologies or leaders, but by persistent values.” (IBM, 2012) [1]. Throughout IBM’s 101 years development history:...

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Case Study About Ibm

Lyanne V. CRUZIN, Richelle Ann DIA, Minette SACE, Carla I. Introduction IBM was founded in 1888 as Herman Hollerith and the Tabulating Machine. It was incorporated in 1911 as “Computing-Tabulating Recording Co.” The company later changed its name to International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation in 1924 after becoming a Fortune 500 Company. Also known as “Big Blue,” IBM has won several accolades. It is known to have more patents than any other American technology company...

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Ibm Case Study

industry at that period and was extremely successful in the market. 2. From 1970s to 1980s, IBM kept on introducing a series of IT innovations including hard disk, floppy disk and the IBM PC in the early 1980s. These products fit the customer needs perfectly at that period and soon dominated the market. The factors led to IBM’s problems during the late 1980s including: 1. The wrong strategies made by IBM against changes in the needs of the customer. At that time, the customers increased the need...

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Ibm Supply Chain

In IBM: * Early 1990’s: decentralized geographic and functional departments * Mid-late 1990’s: Distribution and logistics functions centralized into a global organization with world-wide responsibility * Early 2000’s: merger of Customer Fulfillment, Procurement, Manufacturing, and Global Logistics/Distribution functions into a new global Integrated Supply Chain function * Result: cost savings of $5.6B in 2002 and $7B in 2003 * A Case study on IBM * IBM developed...

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ibm case study 2007

http://www.studymode.com/essays/Case-Study-About-Ibm-1222250.html Component Check OBJECTIVES & STRATEGIES IBM is repositioning itself from a computer company to an information technology service company through a series of acquisitions and divestitures. Thirteen acquisitions of approximately $4.8 Billion were completed enabling IBM to expand its business. Since then IBM concentrated on becoming stronger in high-added businesses. It concentrates on development and manufacture of the advanced...

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Ibm Company Profile

History: IBM was founded on 1914 by Thomas Watson. The driving force behind the success of the company, however, is his son, Thomas Watson, Jr., who understood the potential of computers and embraced new technologies. Under him, the System/360 was developed and became highly successful. Despite IBM's steady approach toward its one hundred-year anniversary, the company continues to lead the market in terms of innovation. Corporate Information: IBM is one of the world largest companies, delivering...

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Ibm Case Study

customers) - Right investment to S/360 - Success of PC - Great reputation -> attract top talent Factors led to its problems during the late 1980 and earry1990s: - Did not keep in touch with customers - Didn’t understand market need (fewer purchase IBM mainframes) - Marketing effort missed the mark - Turf battles between autonomous divisions - Spending too much on fixed cost (building, data processing cost, ..) - Management IT problems such as poor internal IT problems - Products complexity and...

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IBM Case Study

IBM Case Study 1. What factors led to IBM’s success during the 1960s and 1970s and its problems during the late 1980s and early 1990s? Watson Jr. hit a home run when he invested $5 billion to develop the System/360 computer family, which utilized an integrated semiconductor chip and modular components. Taking full advantage of this innovative momentum, IBM debuted other products during that time which enabled the company to rise to the top of the IT industry. These products included hard and floppy...

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The Rise and Fall of Ibm

1. IBM as a product centric organization before its near failure was a bloated organization with 400 000 employees heavily invested in low margin, transactional, commodity-based businesses. As technology progressed, the demand for IBM’s inventions began to diminish. The entire organizational structure was also growing redundant, making it more challenging to face off competition from smaller and less diversified competitors. As Louis Gerstner, Jr embarked on turning the entire company around, there...

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Ibm Case Study

SUBMITTED BY: SWATI AGARWAL ROLL NO-01 PGDB-IB STRATEGY CASE STUDY: IBM Q1. Outline the relevant trends in IBM"s external environment which could have prompted its then CEO to consider long term changes in IBM's business portfolio. Ans.) IBM’s CEO Samuel J. Palmisano, was considering a change in long term change in business portfolio in terms that instead of just using in-house resources for merely selling and servicing technology, they could help big conglomerates...

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