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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT & REFLECTION & OBJECTIVES OF THE TRAINEESHIPS Being a student doing a degree in Hotel & Tourism Management at Vatel Mauritius, it is very much essential as well as an important factor to be more practical and familiar with the exposure of the culture of a hotel. These traineeships of two weeks in each of the Housekeeping, Front-Office and F&B departments respectively have helped me a lot to boost up my confidence level and improve my knowledge and gaining the experience which can be very much useful tools in kicking up my professional carrier. In this traineeship report I will describe my experiences during my traineeship period. It contains an overview of the activities and tasks that I have worked on during my traineeship. So based upon my experience, study and observation in these departments, I have prepared this report including each and every detail which is completely based upon the time I spent and work as a trainee at the Lux* Le Morne Resort & Spa. These three traineeships enabled me to look thoroughly into an entirely different aspect of it which has not been done in my previous traineeship. I learned how to work more efficiently in a group so that a work could be completed within a given fixed time. I was able to know more about my group members such as their strengths and weaknesses, which allowed me to work in a more coordinated and organised manner. It also improved my competencies in management, decision-making and also problem-solving in the Tourism & Hotel Management profession. These traineeships provide me the opportunity to test my interest in a particular career before permanent commitments are made. Furthermore I was able to my develop skills in the application of theory to practical work situations. Before my internship started, my ideas did not match the experiences which I have gained during my internship. There is a big difference in the school projects and the tasks and activities performed during the actual work. In school we learn how to describe the work in projects, where in work you learn how to implement them in reality. These internships were definitely an introduction to the actual work field for me. I have learned how to work in a business organisation and apply my knowledge into practice. There are many people from Lux* Le Morne and at Vatel who I will like to thank them directly and indirectly related for their support and guidance. It was a great experience form me and I want to thank everybody for it.

LUX* LE MORNE resort & SPa
Vision : Make each moment matters!
Purpose: helping people celebrate life!

LUX* Le Morne borders splendid white sandy beaches that unravel as far as the eye can see. This five star hotel offers the tranquil charm of a boutique hotel: peaceful natural settings that boast fabulous water views at sunset. Set in delightfully landscaped gardens, the hotel's four pools, spa and restaurants that pair island-inspired dishes with New World wines add to this beach hotel's out of this world experience. LUX* Le Morne is a place for relaxation and romance. There's a view of the sea from the cool lobby, three sculptured swimming pools roam through the grounds - two with swim-up bars - and there's a lovely LUX* Me spa. Paul Jones of One&Only fame was the creative mind behind LUX* Resorts whereby the rebranding was launched in December 2011. It offers a more simple luxury where the focus is on extraordinary and tailor-made experiences - think pop up cinema on balmy evenings, customized gourmet picnic baskets - and master classes with acclaimed local chefs - and kite-surfing on demand, for which the region is famed. Having directed for leading international hotel groups since 1978, Mr. Jean Pierre Auriol, the Production Director of Lux* Le Morne passion for detail has become his hallmark while his dry humor and smile inspire all with whom he works. The setting and the LUX* experience is unique and memorable,...
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