Internship Report

Topics: Sales, Customer service, Customer Pages: 7 (2018 words) Published: May 12, 2013
A Case Study for Bank for TTQ joint venture for trading and investment

Presented to
The Faculty of the Department of Commerce
Raffles College of Higher Education

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
For the Course Internship

Le Quang Anh – 015FA712

Internship tutor’s name:
Dr. Randall

Executive summary
Internships is very important for student. It is the journey for student to experiment their study at school into realistic working experience. On the other hand, it prepare the student skill, knowledge that they need for their future career. Through the internship, student realize that what they miss, the strength, the weaknesses, what they have to learn, to improve that they can’t realize when they are at school. This report have three part: at first a brief intro about the company that student have internship. Secondly, the review of the student during the time of internship such as working condition, realistic experience, company value and justification of student about company. Finally, the conclusion and recommendation about the report.

Table of Contents
Executive summary1
Part I: Description of company functions and activities3
II.Internship experiences:4
2.1 Characteristic of production, trading and management of company4
2.2Duties and responsibilities6
2.3Methods and techniques used7
2.4Problems encountered and solutions7
III.Learning on the job8
Part II. Conclusion and recommendation.10

Part I: Description of company functions and activities
I. Introduction
TTQ Company was established in 2009. It main function is buying steel material in order to create a supply for siderurgy in Tan Thanh Factory. As a trading and producing company, TTQ pay attention on the quality of the product and developing their brand in South of Viet Nam. In order to have an effective activities in trading and producing, TTQ and Tan Thanh Factory had M&A (merger and acquisition) in 15/4/2010. From 6/7/2010 until now, TTQ Company has changed name into TTQ Joint Venture Company for trading and investment (TTQ company, n.d.)

II. Internship experiences:
2.1 Characteristic of production, trading and management of company. a. Production and trading:
* Trading activities: Steel material is a very important product that have an important role in the development of the economy. All of steel demand are used for production and construction and that is the reason why steel is the target product of the company. * Product:

* FKF Ball bearing
* Steel material
* Cast-iron
* Main trading activities of company: Trading steel and material for production and construction. * Company network line of trading: store, retail, reseller in South of Viet Nam. b. Management:

* In the market economy, the operation of the company has to be change. TTQ use the simple function of operation. At the top is the director, the next is the deputy director, head accountancy and other department.


Planning and development department
Planning and development department
Accountancy and Financial department
Accountancy and Financial department
Organization and administration department
Organization and administration department

Store, retail, reseller
Store, retail, reseller

* Director: Director is set by chairman of company, the person who has responsibility about law, and any activities of company. * Deputy Director: is set by chairman of company, the person who delegate by director for some activities of company, has responsibility about the result that director delegate. * Head accountancy: is set by director, the person who help director in financial case of company. Functional department:

* Organization and administration department: It include chief of department and assistant managers....

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TTQ company. (n.d.). Retrieved from CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN THƯƠNG MẠI VÀ ĐẦU TƯ T.T.Q:
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