Assignment: New Venture Development

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1.1 History and development
1.2 Cause of failure

II.1 Introduction of company
II.2 Reasons
2.3 How to solve the current Administrator of Mai Linh Group 2.4 Review

III.1 Introduce Beeline brand
III.2 The process of entry into the market of Beeline Vietnam III.3 Factors affecting the failure of Beeline in Vietnam
III.4 Lesson learned

I.1 History and development
Trading Service Co. Tan Hiep Phat was established in 1994, formerly known as the brewery and beverage Ben Thanh, production function, the business produced wine, beer and soft drinks. The head office is located in ThuanAn District, Binh Duong Province, scale factory 110.000m2 with the broader line equipment technology research and manufacture the most modern Southeast Asia. Trading Service Co. Tan Hiep Phat is a member of the Association of beverage alcohol and Vietnam. The development of the company's "Today more than yesterday but have not by tomorrow" with the motto "meet the highest demands of existing and potential customers." Navigating is considered as the guideline for all activities of the group and also the motivation to give rise to ambition Trading Service Co. Tan Hiep Phat become corporations provide drinks caliber Asia. In early 2007, the Company Ltd. THP-DV officially Intellectual Property Office certificate of recognition and protection of 78 822 for the brand name company for all kinds of goods and services the name of the company in Vietnam (decision No. 1105 / QD-IP dated 24.01.2007). Trading Service Co. Tan Hiep Phat in recent years there have been many efforts to try in the construction, renovation, upgrading production facilities, procurement of modern equipment for production and improving high product quality, many organizations, state management agencies awarded certificates of merit, medal ... on product quality and customer care. Trading Service Co. Tan Hiep Phat special attention to quality. 1/2007, Trading & Service Co. Tan Hiep Phat agency international quality management Det Norske Veritas (Netherlands) evaluation standards include integrated ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 14001 Food Safety and Hygiene HACCP. Trading Service Co. Tan Hiep Phat systematic customer care before, during and after the sale with the best quality, reflecting cultural trade civilization highest in the business. The staff and employees of companies with qualified scientific, technical, enthusiastic, responsible, ready to meet the requirements of every customer service.

1.2 Cause of failure
1.2.1 Customer Research
First Laser was launched not by improvisation. THP Group has studied the market very carefully to understand our customers. Logo, packaging, slogan, POSM, a brand positioning systems show very good positioning themselves for the young, dynamic, successful, wants

to prove himself and a media campaign total resources (IMC) with a long-term series of ads by chain Sattchi done great show. This even makes many people mistake this is the first product of foreign companies. Beer Laser was wrong to locate clients are women, although women today drink beer but not as many as the number of men because women still spend more time with family. Failure happens when your business identify your target market is not interested in your products regardless of group living habits towards customers. It is also good lesson to heart for businesses in identifying target customers. There is the fact that Vietnamese women - customers Laser target goals do not seem to care much about the beer consumption. This is understandable due to the influence of culture, Vietnam women rarely drink beer and they also tend to dislike men drinking more. So the question, with consumer habits like, whether ladies would be willing to pay what...
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