Miss Sport

Topics: Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, Ho Chi Minh City Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: January 13, 2013
For purpose, to finish the group assignment for Project management, our group decided to organize the Miss Sport contest based on Vietnam Miss Sport 2012 of Nam Huong Corporation. A/ Nam Huong Corporation

First of all, our group point out some information of Nam Huong Corporation establishment and development history. Established in 2002, Nam Huong Corporation is among the leading media and magazine publisher in Vietnam With the active news-reporting staff experience but innovative experts cooperating with leading the strategists, we feel confident in meeting the strictest the needs of partners and customers. With the objective to become the useful bridge linking the business and community and customer, Nam Huong Corp always listen every breath and heart beat of society to bring their consumers the best products and service compromising corporate development and community, customers’ benefits. Not only investing and issuing the magazines but Nam Huong Corp also launching online media channels to bring issues to readers. These version not only increase the users of Online Shopping Guide, Business Style, Lady Luxury magazines but also optimize the effect of advertising in those issues. Since that time, images or advertising messages of business will come target customers’ object more overall Nowadays, Nam Huong Corporation is investing and possessing five magazines, publishers attract many readers: Shopping Guide, Business Style, Lady Luxury and Living Space. Besides that, there are many large scale events organized by Nam Huong annually such as Business Style Award, Fair Sex’s Power and Reliable Shopping Guide Award – that gain from community, domestic and oversea business, mass communication. Among annually events that held by Nam Huong Corp, Miss Sport – a beauty contest for Vietnam Female that aim at encourage women join the sport – is a sparkling and successful event. B/ Purpose and Meaning of Miss Sport

Miss Sport,...
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