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HDFC Mutual Fund
Report submitted to
(AICTE approved- Gujarat Technological University-MBA)
As partial fulfilment of
Full time Postgraduate Degree in
Submitted by:
Pandya Disha Nileshbhai
Enrolment no: 108000592056


The objective of summer internship project is to be familiar with corporate life, to broaden horizon of knowledge and to experience practical work. Summer internship project training in esteemed organization like HDFC asset Management Company has been proved a great experience of life. This has not only broadened vision in financial services but also helped me to developed immense confidence to face the future in corporate world.

The project is based on the following objective:

The major objective of this project is analysing the systematic investment plan on of net asset value.

The minor objective of this project is why people transfer funds from to another.

After the detailed study, I came to know various techniques and procedure of HDFC mutual funds. I found that hdfc mutual funds like power of 3ace HDFC Equity Fund,
HDFC Top 200Fund,
HDFC Mid Cap Opportunities Fund
Give better return compare to other bank.


We really thank all the people at HDFC MUTUAL FUND who provided a great work culture to us and really co-operated in each and every task of ours. We are really thankful to our project mentor Mr. Piyush Lal (Sales Manager) who gave us his precious inputs regarding the project work and we are also thankful to Mr.Kishorbhai Gedvani (Branch Manager) for providing a nice work environment, motivation and this golden opportunity for doing the project for HDFC BANK. We also thank Mr.Jay Sorathiya (Sales Manager) and Ms.Rajesvari Dodiya who provided us the knowledge of every work they done. Last but not the least; We really thank our institute Director, Mr. Kishorbhai Gedvani, for providing the great opportunity in the form of the summer placement opportunity at HDFC MUTUAL FUND Bank. We really salute each and every member of HDFC MUTUAL FUND family for providing the nice work environment to us.

The Project a study of Analyses of SIP, STP & NAV HDFC mutual fund & HDFC BANK describes how the bank helps SMEs by providing finance to meet working capital requirements. It also describes the methods of assessment for providing finance and the financial criteria that borrower should fulfils.

This Project gave me a great learning experience and at the same time it gave me enough scope to implement my analytical ability. The analysis and advice presented in this Project Report is based on market research on the saving and investment practices of the investors. This Report will help to know about the investors’ Preferences in Mutual Fund means Are they prefer any particular Asset Management Company (AMC), Which type of Product they prefer, Which Option (Growth or Dividend) they prefer or Which Investment Strategy they follow (Systematic Investment Plan or One time Plan). It is about Mutual Fund and its various aspects, the Company Profile, Objectives of the study, Research Methodology. One can have a brief knowledge about SIP, STP, &NAV of Mutual Fund and its basics through the Project.

This Project covers the topic “ANALYSES OF SIP, STP & NAV.” The data collected has been well organized and presented. I hope the research findings and conclusion will be use.


Bibliography: HDFC Trustee Company Limited: A company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 is the Trustee to the Mutual Fund vide the Trust
deed dated June 8, 2000, as amended from time to time
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