International Management

Topics: United States, São Paulo, Latin America Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Discussion Questions
1.Why are Russia and Eastern Europe of interest to international managers? Identify and describe some reasons for such interest in Russia or Eastern Europe. 2.MNCs from emerging markets are beginning to challenge the dominance of developed country MNCs. How might MNCs from America, Europe, and Japan respond to these challenges? Identify and describe: What kind of cultural challenges facing Taiwan or German entrepreneurs while entering the market of Swedish culture? (Note: refer to the study conducted by Geert Hofstede) 3.Define the four basic predispositions MNCs have toward their international operations. 4.Wilsten Inc. has been approached by a Japanese firm that wants exclusive production and selling rights for one of Wilsten's new high-tech products. What does Wilsten need to know about Japanese bargaining behaviors to strike the best deal with this company? Identify and describe three. 5.Please comment on the following report titled “China Tech Firms Pursue Growth in Brazil” by Yun-Hee Kim on June 6, 2012. g-market giant Brazil to seize on growing demand for personal computers and smartphones in South America’s biggest economy. From Lenovo Group to telecommunications giant ZTE, cash-rich Chinese hardware makers are seeking to boost their market share globally as demand cools at home. They are looking at both buying firms abroad in countries such as Brazil, or setting up their own manufacturing plants there. Analysts and industry experts say more tech deals are on the horizon. Brazil has a fast-growing middle class whose use of smart TVs and smartphones is quickly rising. Chinese companies have the know-how to produce electronic devices at lower costs. “There is every opportunity now for Chinese companies to work towards a global empire by adopting investment patterns that position well in the economies which are the most promising in terms of future growth,” such as Brazil, said Connie Carnabuci, Asia co-head of...
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