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Topics: Morality, Time, Sociology, Hardness, Grandparent, Relationship / Pages: 2 (451 words) / Published: Oct 15th, 2013
Elders are wise and have great values in their everyday lives. They treat people like we all should and have respectable morals. My grandfather has influenced my life greatly by being a perfect example of a hard worker, showing me how to treat people respectfully, and growing close to him has helped me in many aspects of my life.

My grandfather has influenced my life in my job by providing an example of a hard worker. For instance, he held the same job for over 30 years at Cabot. He showed up on time and was rewarded for it, soon becoming the manager there. He is always looking for a way to help people wherever he goes. For example, he came to the farm where I work and shucked corn for six hours without pay. He is willing to give anytime he is asked and I greatly admire him for this quality. He influenced me to always work my hardest and be generous with my time.

I've had many role models in my life but my grandfather has had the greatest impact on my relationships. Until now I put myself first in all my relationships. Recently my grandfather impacted my life by showing me the value of putting others first. He lets others use their opinion even if he doesn't agree with it, and he doesn't argue to get his way. People love to be friends with him because he is so thoughtful and freely giving to everyone. In addition, I hope that I can be as pleasant to be around as him some day. I want people to be influenced by me as much as my grandfather influences me.

I have always looked up to my grandfather for advice in my life, and he always has something inspiring to say. When I was young my grandfather helped me understand the many troubles of life. When I became a teenager he showed me how to be a respectable gentleman, and be courteous to others. Now that I'm growing up he teaches me the importance of staying caught up on my schoolwork and striving to be the best at my job. I hope that I have my grandfathers guidance for all my future endeavors and struggles.

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