My Michigan Hero Essay

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My Michigan Hero

A hero according to is a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deed sand noble qualities. These things basically describe my grandpa. My grandpa's name is Frank Giesen and he has a wife named Harriet Giesen and they have 7 kids and 21 grand kids. He is a Korean War veteran but he didn't fight, he was an interpreter. I picked my grandpa as my inspiration not only because I love him, because of his strength on the inside and the outside.
My grandpa had lots of going on in his life with 7 kids. He and his wife Harriet. I'm sure he was as loving, hardworking and caring as he is now. Every Sunday after church he would make Sunday breakfast for the whole family. He also had an alright paying...

He had to learn and interpret four languages to communicate and figure out what others were saying, like what the enemies were saying to one another The war only lasted about 3 years. In other words we're going to go back to my grandpa's family life with with his grand kids.
If you thought that 7 kids were a lot you were right. Even better though is my grandpa has 21 grand kids! All the grand kids love him for who he is and what he does for us. Most of the kids do sports or plays and he makes it to as many as he can, even if it's hours away he'll do his best to make it out there. Also he comes up with some funny and cool nicknames for all the kids(mines Nater from Decatur.) I think that he's a role model for not only me but all the kids, also like I said he makes breakfast for the whole family.
These are some reasons why my grandpa is my inspiration because of who he is today and who he was. So to wrap it all up my grandpa had 7 kids that he loved and took care of. He was a Korean War veteran and he worked as an interpreter. Last but not least is that he has 21 grandchildren that he also loves and does great thing for. So think about this… is you grandpa as cool, loving and caring as...
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