PSY 220 Week 4

Topics: Learning, Knowledge, Reason Pages: 1 (581 words) Published: April 24, 2015
PSY 220 Week 4
Reflecting on Wisdom

In my life it seems that one person always gave me great advice my grandfather lived a long time and was wise. Grandpa was the go to person for when I have a life issue. My grandfather is a very wise man. He has learned lessons from life he served in Korea and Vietnam. He would always tells us grandkids and great grandkids that everything happens for a reason; a reason to learn from. My grandfather’s name is Robert and he lived a very interesting life he served in the Army for a long time I think it was something like 30 years. Grandpa always had a reason behind everything he did. He always helped me by talking through my problems with a logical and reasoning view. Grandpa has always helped me to look at both sides of a problem and the possibilities of outcomes and apply things that I already know to the situation before making a decision. Grandpa always has listened to what I have to say and he isn’t against taking advice from me. He always says that he values my input and he will store it in his knowledge bank for future reference. Grandpa is very humorous along with being logical, he always seems to be able to make light of most situations and can help me look at things from a humorous side and if I end up making a bad decision. (Normally, because I didn’t go to grandpa about it before hand.) The best advice I have ever gotten from my grandfather is, when you are making a decision think about 6 months from now, or even 6 years, what is the outcome from both sides; and can you learn from your choice either way? Throughout his years grandpa has always held a positive mind frame and laced life with humor, he always asks what I learned even if I faced a consequence. I believe that my grandfather is one of the wisest men I will ever know. Grandpa always learns and uses past knowledge before making a decision. Grandpa always had been there it help me with his wisdom and knowledge of life’s great lessons. I joined the army 10...
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