Information Technology Trends

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Information Technology Trends:

Surge of Mobile Wallet/Payment, Advancement of Non-touch Interface, and Adoption of Cloud Computing

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October 1, 2013


Information technology (IT) is an innovation that has existed for long time now. For the past 20 years, both developed and developing countries have witnessed the significant developments and effects that IT has brought upon the world (Ogbomo, 2008). From the commercialization of the internet to the invention of the IPAD, numerous changes and improvements have already been made in the field of information technology. These changes are evident plausibly in every sector of society: Communication, Economics and such. Given that, nowadays, Society has a high dependence on technology with its daily activities, having a means of sending and acquiring information as quickly as possible is very important. Relating it to the field of work, IT plays a role in the development of softwares, management of projects and the like (Mitchell, 2013).

According to Ogbomo (2008), among all the possible technological changes that have influenced humans the most these past decades, information technology is the most significant. In line with this emphasis on IT, it is worthy to highlight some of the most recent developments in the field of IT that will play, or continue to play, a significant role for existing and upcoming companies all over the world. This article will be focusing on three IT developments: Surge of Mobile Wallet/Payment, Advancement of Non-touch Interface, and adoption of Cloud Computing

Review of Related Literature

Surge of Mobile Wallets/Payments
Mobile wallet/payment also called the “mobile money” basically refers to the payment services that can be made via mobile devices. Aside from doing payments, consumers are also able to manage and store their prepaid, debit, credit, gift and loyalty cards on their mobile devices. With simply a message/text or a swipe of the mobile device, a payment or transaction can be made.

According to MCB mobile (2013), mobile wallets are the next big thing in the world of banking. Mobile wallets transform the physical monetary entities (ATM, Credit card, Cash) into

its digital state. 100% of financial transactions can thus be digital (The Financial Brand, 2013). However, according to Claes Bell (2013), despite the promising perks of the mobile wallet, enthusiasm of consumers to utilize it with their mobile devices has been tepid. According to a research, only 44% of smartphone users surveyed have shown interest in the use of mobile payment/wallets in their devices (Titlow, 2011). Among the 56% who had shown no interest, majority mentioned that security is the most important factor for their disinterest. The presence of hackers, viruses, and other information leaking issues are therefore a clear threat to surge of mobile wallets in the market.

Advancement of the Non-Touch Interface
In previous years, humans have made various discoveries and innovations on making the computer and related gadgets less complex to operate. Starting with the invention of keyboard and mouse and advancing towards the creation of the touch-screen interface, consumers have become more and more comfortable with the non-complex operating skills needed to use these machines (Loganathan, 2013). With the continuing advancement of technology, however, consumers have this never ending need to adapt to this ever-advancing technology. The only way to significantly lower the adapting needs of the consumers with technology is to utilize the nontouch interface (Rosenbaum, 2013).

According to Krishna (2012), the best interface of machines is having no interface at all. Having a non-touch interface will allow users who usually do numerous tasks to open a car, for example, to minimize this...

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