Increase of Public Awareness on Heart Disease

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Running Head: Increase of Public Awareness on Heart Disease


August 13th, 2010
Health information that relates to heart diseases can be easily accessed through the internet websites, articles, and books, among other materials. These materials serve to increase the community’s awareness on how to prevent as well as manage the heart disease. The purpose of this paper is to delve into a new approach that can play a critical role of increasing public awareness using internet sites, books, and articles. Discussion

A good and reliable website, a book or an article that serves the aim of increasing public awareness of heart disease should have realistic information. This means that the information in the website articles or in the books should not have opinions but rather clear information. In cases where these materials contain opinions, the author should identify the opinion part of the information (Brown, 2004). The information in these materials should provide adequate educative information on the prevention measures as well as the treatment of the heart disease.

Proper management of information in the websites, articles and books can increase the public awareness of heart diseases (Brown, 2004). This can be done by introducing the epidemiological data, which includes the morbidity, mortality, disability relative to heart diseases on the first page of the book or website. The use of epidemiologic data on the first page/home page will help to keep the community informed about the current affairs concerning the disease as well as the devastating future of the disease if adequate measures are not taken (Issel, 2009). This can facilitate quickening of the spirit of members of the community, and thus calling for preventive measures. Although some amount of information should be put across concerning the treatment of heart diseases, it would be rational if the website, books and articles takes an approach of...

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