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WEBSITE SPECIFICATION FOR NEW ZEALAND STUDENT VOLUNTEERS WEB SITE Proposed domain name:www.alfarsahhotel.com 1.0 GOALS * Provide relevant up-to-date information * Easy navigation * Accessible NZSV require an easy-to-use website that will enable them to deliver information to their users about the services provide by NZSV, such as educational programs and publications that they provide. They would also like their site to focus on current information about the volunteering services...

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Evaluating Websites

of all sources—including websites. There are five major areas in which websites are evaluated: 1) Authority, 2) Accuracy, 3) Objectivity, 4) Currency, and 5) Coverage (GCU, n.d.). This paper evaluates two websites which will be used in this writer’s research in upcoming months: 1) http://www.asperger-institute.com/, and 2) http://www.yourlittleprofessor.com/adhd.html. The Websites For the purposes of this assignment and future research, this writer chose two websites which posted information...

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Development of a Website for

Software Engineering Project A SBI 302A Section: XXX Project Topic: Development of a website for COCO’S Restaurant Group No: XXXX Group Members: xxxxxxxxxxxxx TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction……………………………………………………………………………3 2. Background of the Study………………………………………………………………3 3. Company’s Current Situation………………………………………………………….4 4. Purpose of the Study………………………………………………………..…………4 5. Objective of the Study………………………………..……………………………….4 5.1 General Objectives...

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Moving a Website

Reggie A. Conner Professor Stan Buch CIS 210 Term Paper 09/09/2012 Abstract In this paper I will assume a new company has hired me to manage a project that will move the old Website from an externally hosted solution to an internal one. The company’s leadership is very concerned about redundancy for their site, insisting that a back-up site be available as a failover in case the main site goes down. In addition, they want the site redesigned to allow customers to order products online. ...

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Website Development

information and etc. Although this website was designed to have so many useful function but this website is seldom used and known by KL campus student. There are a number of common causes for failure with this website. Here is a look at possible things that causing this website failure. 1. Infrequent update One of the keys to successful websites is repeat visitors, and one of the keys to attracting repeat visitors is to continually add new content. If a website stays the same for long periods of...

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Create a Website

Create A Website With Impact With These Helpful Tips Is it necessary to buy costly design software and templates to end up with a stellar site? The answer to this question is dependent upon your willingness to learn. However, if you take the time to learn a little about web design, you can build an awesome site on your own. You can gain insight from sites you enjoy, so be selective and creative while in the design phase. A good technique to use is to acquire some checklists and cheat sheets...

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Designing a Website

Designing a Website Matt Hazlett WEB/240 July 21, 2012 Several aspects must be considered when designing a website, and the most important ones that we have to consider include scope of the website, layout, compatibility, use of text, and secure mechanisms. Other than these, other aspects like navigation, links, graphics, and general design play an important role in the designing of the website. A more detailed look at the above aspects of designing the website is given in the bullets below:...

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Website Development

Website Development Justin F. Bishop Dr. Steinhoff Senior Project Spring 2010 Table of Contents Title Page……………………………………………………………………………….. 1 Table of Contents……………………………………………………………………. 2 Abstract………………………………………………………………………………….. 3 What is a Website? ..................................................................... 4 HTML………………………………………………………………………………………… 4 – 5 Phases of Development……………..……………………………………………… 5 Information Gathering………………………………………………………………. 5 Planning……………………………………………………………………………………...

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Website Comparison

telecommunication companies in Ireland for this website comparison. O2 and Vodafone are both leading distributors of mobile services for individuals and corporate clients providing them with solutions in communications. They are the two biggest competitors in the mobile networking industry in Ireland constituting for 88% of the total market. This market percentage is split between Vodafone and O2, 48% and 40% respectively. I have chosen these two websites for comparison for a number of reasons. I have...

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Website Critique

Website Critique of www.equalitytexas.org/content.aspx “Equality Texas” While researching several Texas government based websites, I came across votesmart.org, which is a website aimed towards helping citizens become aware of their regional special interest groups and organizations. Based on my search from votesmart.org, I chose to evaluate equalitytexas.org, the website connected to Equality Texas which advocates and lobbies for the elimination of discrimination based on sexual orientation and...

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Website Evaluation

materials where it is necessary to do so. | 5 | There is an address made available for further information and questions concerning the site's information and content. | 5 | B. CONTEXT and DESIGN -Is the website well designed? | Rating | Structural layout of the site | 4 | Performance of the site(speed, reliability,platform independence, media accessibility Usability) | 3 | ...

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The Structure of a Website

When setting up links to navigate websites, it is advisable to map out exactly how you want the pages to relate, using a common technique known as storyboarding. A storyboard is a diagram of a Web site's structure, showing all the pages in the site and indicating how they are linked together. Because Web sites use a variety of structures, it is important to storyboard your Web site before you start creating your pages in order to determine which structure works best for the type of information the...

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Evaluating Cms.Gov Website for Credibility

Evaluating CMS.gov Website for Credibility Medicare and Medicaid information can be overwhelming and confusing to both the consumer and the healthcare professional. The information highway known as the World Wide Web (WWW) can provide the answers to questions about these government benefits, but getting clear, informative and accurate knowledge can be overwhelming. O’Sullivan (2011) identified the WWW as “a primary repository for health information for the medically naïve yet technically savvy...

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Eating Disorder Website Research

read was titled, “Viewership of Pro-Eating Disorder Websites: Association with Body Image and Eating Disturbances” (Field, et al) I chose this article next because it focused on another type of media influence—the internet. They wanted to expand the little knowledge they have on the association of pro-eating disorder (pro-ED) websites and disturbances within eating patterns and assess the association of the viewing certain eating disorder websites and levels of body unhappiness, eating restraint,...

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Website Credibility Evaluation

Evaluation of Website Credibility Evaluation of Website Credibility Familydoctor.org is a website that offers information on a health related topics and wellness. This website has a domain of .org which means it is operated by an organization. The main purpose of this website is to provide families with information on health related topics and offer wellness information that will benefit all members of the family. This website was chosen based on the...

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Website Comparison Wiki

is a well-known website to many internet surfers. The word “wiki,” is defined by Britannica.com as a “site that can be modified or contributed to by users.” With that in mind, there has been great debate over Wikipedia and the information provided on this website regarding its accuracy. Even with knowledge of this debate, internet surfers still continuously use Wikipedia.org for all the knowledge that this website has to offer. As far as comparison on another encyclopedia website, Wikipedia is...

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How to Create a Website

How to Create a Website Subject Descriptors: Website, Text Placeholder, Image Placeholder, Edit a photo, Adjust the image size, Add Page, Link, Publish Site. Application (Version): iWeb 09, Mac OS X Task Description: How do I create a welcome page? Tutorial Date: 5 June 2009, by Arnousone Chanthalyxay Select a theme for your web page. How to Create a Website - 1 Select the "Welcome" page template. How to Create a Website - 2 Select "Choose" Once you have the "Welcome" page template...

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Web Server and Intranet Website

workstation and then configure it to host two websites. Mindset Internet Information Services enables you to configure websites to use specific port numbers. This makes it possible to test the functionality of Windows Firewall. Completion time 15 minutes Question 1 What URLs could you use in your computer’s browser to test the functionality of the intranet website you just created? You can use the IP address of the computer that is hosting the website Take a screen shot of the Internet...

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Portal vs. Website

which to gain access to a multitude of 'services'. A web site is a destination in itself.  As such the term website refers to a location on the Internet (see this) that is unique and can be accessed through a URL (see this). By that definition a web portal is in fact also a website.  However there is a distinction between the two terms based on the subject and content of the website.  A website is also a web portal if;  It transmits information from several independent sources that can be, but not...

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ICT - Website production

Scenario You have a new post at a local website company iWeb as a junior programmer. You have been asked to design a website for a local promotions company who has won the contract to advertise and promote a new festival in the Teesside area, taking place the summer of 2014. Task 1 (P4) Design a website for your client, ensuring suitability for purpose and target audience. To do this you should prepare several design documents and make sure the website requirements (Page 2 of this document)...

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Introduction to It - Designing Website Report

1) Introduction Introduction to my web server hosting company is about a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Our company provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, in a data center. Our hosting company includes Single page hosting which is generally sufficient...

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Website Evaluation Paper

Website Evaluation Paper Web 240 Michael Daniel (Team B) Kristi Ruddle 7/17/13 During our Team B’s evaluation of the Elias Group’s website we discovered various area’s that could be improved upon in order to make the website more appealing and functional to its users. Below you will find various criteria that we determined to be of value when it came to redesigning The Elias Group website. * Contact – This site is missing an essential part needed in order for it to be able to complete...

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Website Analysis, Williams Principles

The design of a website, as a whole, still involves many of the same principles as a linear document. That is, contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity should be consistent throughout the site. Choosing logical flexibility within these design elements can enhance a website to a desired level. On the flip side, overemphasizing differences between pages can lead to a poor design. The following analysis strays from applying the design principles in a traditional sense as we take a look...

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Website Migration Project

Tony’s Chips Website Migration Project CIS 210 June 16, 2013 Strayer University Professor Yohannes Bates Tony’s Chips Website Migration Project Tony’s Chips is a medium sized company that wants to enhance its operations by using e- commerce or what some people would say the web or Internet. The new company has set its sights on moving the current system from an externally hosted website to one that is hosted internally. Furthermore, the site will be redesigned so that customers will be...

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PROPOSAL E-Shop Website

business world. It will save time of customers and products will be delivered on their door step. SCOPE The project will be a simulation of a shopping online that created to learn and experience how a computer components shopping online website works, so we will use a simple item that is not difficult to understand and easy to manage and will not use the item that we didn’t know the useful of it so we think that the scope will not be big strict because in an simulation of what and how online...

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M1 Web Architecture In Website Commun

M1 – Web Architecture in Website Communications Search Engines Web Spiders Before search engines tell you where a file of document is, it has to be found. To find information on hundreds of millions of Web pages, a search engine used special software robots called spiders to build lists of the words found on websites. When the list is being built by spiders, it’s called Web crawling. To build and maintain a useful list of words, a search engine’s spiders have to go through a lot of sites. The process...

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What Makes a Good Website

What makes a good website? Introduction In my opinion what makes a good web page? I have been on the net for the last, can't really believe it, coming to ten years now. From the conception to now, I have been a regular surfer on the web, visiting thousands of pages a month, mostly in search of some thing or another. Most searches have lead to even more searches but some times I come up tops. Having been used to the all text sites of the beginning, and seeing the first implementations...

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Kudler Fine Foods E-Commerce Website

Kudler Fine Foods E-Commerce Website Kudler Fine Foods E-Commerce Website * Introduction “E Commerce is one of the most important facets of the Internet to have emerged in the recent times. Ecommerce or electronic commerce involves carrying out business over the Internet with the assistance of computers, which are linked to each other forming a network. To be specific, ecommerce would be buying and selling of goods and services and transfer of funds through digital communications” (Benefits...

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Usability Evaluation of Hong Kong Hotel Websites

Usability Evaluation of Hong Kong Hotel Websites PhD Research Proposal Tom Au Yeung School of Hotel & Tourism Management, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong 1. Problem Definition The Internet, especially the World Wide Web (WWW or Web), has had a great impact on the hospitality and tourism industry in recent years. Many hotel organizations have been working hard to develop their own websites. These websites play an important role for mediating between hotels and...

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Kelsey Elementary School Website Improvement Plan

an evaluation performed over the last few weeks for the Kelsey Elementary School Website, Team B has noted that there were many pieces of information that were gathered as to the strengths and weaknesses of the company. We thoroughly examined these strengths and weakness and determined the 5 best possible fixes to update. Team B has added a Search box in the upper corner. Site Search is an important aspect to website design these days. There are two things that can happen in developing a search...

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Positive Response Action: the Ultimate Goal of Website Communication; Dimensions of Customer Value of Website Communication in Business-to-Business Relationships

ultimate goal of website communication Summary Understanding and knowing the audience is the key to delivering the message to them. The key to harnessing the Internet’s power is to understand all of the people with whom one will communicate with. Every website should have one overriding, generic entity goal to achieve positive response action. Both content and usability can be viewed as as cognitive ´triggers´, gateways to self-gratification and consequent PRA. Every website may be classified...

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How Free Websites Make Money-a Must Read

HOW FREE WEBSITES MAKE MONEY-A MUST READ Semesters have just finished .Its vacation time folks. Sitting unproductively in front of TV or computer (that’s what most of us do) how often thoughts of making money while sitting at home, engage your minds. How many of us understand that today, internet has also become a huge source of income generation apart from its primary motives of entertainment and knowledge disposal. Just take Mark Zuckerberg, the inventor one of our favorite social networking site...

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Cues Customers Seek in a New Website to Gain Trust towards the Brand and the Service

What cues do customers look for in a new website to gain trust towards the brand and the service? These are the main variables to be aware of and look for as an interviewer(they are not hypothesis as such, but rather guidelines to walk by): H1: Trustworthiness is a major factor customers asses before deciding to purchase a product or service online from, especially if it is an unknown vendor. (Theory has proven this) H2: Website Design cues (what design cues get mentioned the most and with what...

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Case Study about Online Shop Websites

scams can still go down on eBay.” (Simms, 2004)  “AVAILABLE” -> “Out of Stock”  Late delivery. CONCLUSIONS In end of the day, it will be all just the potential customers’ discretion if they’re going to patronize these online shopping websites. ...

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Kudler Fine Foods Website

Kudler Fine Foods Website In 1998, Kathy Kudler had a vision to create a one – stop shopping experience for fans of gourmet cooking. Kudler Fine Foods Inc. has three stores. These stores stock fresh ingredients, baked goods, quality meats and seafood as well as gourmet tools. Kudler Fine Foods believes that customer satisfaction is one of the key focuses of the business. The company wants to further target the high - income customers because price is not a disincentive to shop at the gourmet...

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Mark Twain Advocacy Website Critical Review

Mark Twain’s “The Art of Inhumation” I recently took the opportunity to review an advocacy website pertaining to the infamous Mark Twain and one of his many revered works entitled “The Art of Inhumation”. It was a welcomed opportunity as I have always enjoyed Twain’s writings and, although this particular work was largely unfamiliar to me, I was excited to explore this site to learn more. All of this build up of excitement turned to disappointment early on, however, as I found the site (http://essays...

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Web236 - Web Design I - Week 5 - Final - Riordan Manufacturing Website Evaluation

Riordan Manufacturing Website Evaluation Names University of Phoenix WEB/236 Web Design I Instructor April 26, 2011 Riordan Manufacturing Website Evaluation Riordan Manufacturing Inc. is an internationally known and respected plastics company. They are an innovator when it comes to plastic injection molding. They are based throughout the United States and abroad. With all that this company has accomplished, it is astonishing that they have not brought their website up to the same standards...

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Website Evaluation Report

Tourism and Hospitality E – Tourism WEBSITE EVALUATION REPORT www.blacktomato.co.uk www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk ELEONORA ANGELOVA Date: 14th May 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. Introduction ………………………………………………………….3 II. Design………………………………………………………………...4 III. Navigation ……………………………………………………………5 IV. Content………………………………………………………………..6 V. Interactivity……………………………………………………………7 ...

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Kudler Fine Foods Internet Website

Analysis and Proposed Changes for Kudler Fine Foods Internet Website University of Phoenix WEB-410 William Duliere Learning Team C Executive Summary: Kudler Fine Foods is a growing company striving to provide its customers with the finest foods and ingredients possible. To serve their customers even better, Kudler has implemented an Internet website to expand their business. Although this is an excellent idea, their current website is lacking in several areas. Our team of computer software...

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City of Kelsey

assessment of the effectiveness of the City’s website. In keeping aligned with the founder’s vision, the focus of the website is to maintain a close-knit community in an earth-friendly manner. The website should assist current and future citizens of Kelsey informed about City business, operations, and events. The following analysis focuses on demographics, a review of the current website, and the future look of website. Goals The primary goal of a website is to provide current and accurate information...

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Hum/176 Week 2: Toolwire® Learnscape: Credibility and Impact

Exploring the | |Internet and Politics | |Indicate whether each website is credible. | | | |Colbert Nation: no | | | |Indicate whether each website is credible. | | | |Crooks...

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Multiple Choice

aimed at development of website and software with administrator facility to be utilized for the students by which they can get all the information about the college, and can send any query to the college and college will answer their query. My Role: I was responsible for page designing, coding and testing. Project: www.makhanacluster.org Project Summary: Project aimed at development of webpage to be utilized for the makhana farmers. MSME (Govt. of India) developed the website for them who wish to know...

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Top 20 Sites for Kids in India

List of top 20 Websites for Kids in INDIA 1. Chandamama.com Chandamama.com is the website of India’s favorite children’s magazine and one of the best Indian websites for children in terms of content and interactivity. It is a multilingual site, with content available in seven languages including English, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi, Sanskrit, Tamil and Telugu. The site has forums where registered users can post stories, jokes, riddles and poems that they have written as well as their...

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YouTube Business Model

Using a website of your choice - provide a brief background of the site including the company, product and/or service being offered, and the overall purpose of the site. YOUTUBE is the website I choose and here is a brief background, YOUTUBE was launched on February 14, 2005 when three former PayPal employees activated the Internet sphere name “YouTube.com” and in initiated a video sharing website in which users can share their videos and view. It started as a free source to view and share videos...

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Importance of the World Wide Web

important business matters or just talking to friends.  The Internet is very useful. It has many different ways of helping people such as with their homework, with search engines like Google, or entertainment, game websites like miniclip/video websites like youtube, communication, email websites, such as Hotmail, shopping, online shopping site like amazon. ------------------------------------------------- Importance of the Internet I think most probably that this [internet] technology will be helpful...

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Pizza Hut

Question A: I have never ordered pizza online. I have only called in to place my order for pickup or delivery Question 1: A transactional website allows customers to buy, sell, and order goods and services while a promotional website promotes and brings more customers to a website. Since PizzaHut.com has both types, this causes it to be a hybrid website. PizzaHut.com allows for customers to go online and buy their product, which is food. Customers are allowed to go online and choose whichever...

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Report on the Impact of E-Commerce in an Organisation or Indusrty.

customer service using the internet and most important the Impact of internet on an Organisation. INTRODUCTION I will be reporting on three websites from the mobile phone industry in the UK that provide mobile phone services and broadband to consumer and two industries from the clothing industry. I will highlight good features they have on their websites, any bad features they may have on them and offer any recommendations I may have. MOBILE PHONE INDUSTRY. Link: http://www.three.co.uk/company/why_is_3_/meet_the_team ...

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Make a Justified Conclusion About Whether It Would Be a Good Idea to Proceed or Not (D1)

and the lowest price can be around £ 40 for year. The prices are different because the highest one may have more facilities like: all browse support, issuance speed, support, and others. | Unfamiliar trading conditions: When a business goes its website will be visible all over the world, so it could easily be dealing with customers in unfamiliar markets. This may mean coping with unfamiliar regulation and legal requirements, as well as different cultural expectations | The business may make clear...

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marketing communication

allow Brew-Master to launch their brand to the target market they trying to reach. 2 QUESTION ONE There are many different kinds of marketing applications that Brew-Master can make use of on their website in order to market their new RedBarley whiskey to the international client base. There are 5 applications such as E-Commerce, online market research, service and support lines, e-mail marketing and SMS marketing that are possible for Brew-Master to...

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end of life

http://www.minnesotapartnership.org. Their website includes “The Commission on End Of Life Care Final Report,” produced in collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Health. End of Life Advocacy Organizations Americans for Better Care of the Dying on the internet at www.abcd-caring.org. Last Acts Partnership on the internet at www.partnershipforcaring.org. Minnesota Palliative Care Partnership on the internet at http://www.minnesotapartnership.org. Their website includes “The Commission on End...

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Computer Application

Introduction The purpose of doing this research is to see how beneficial hotel websites are for different hotels and learn the positive and negative points about having an internet interface for people to browse and book their hotel of choice on. As a group we had to research three different hotels in Malaysia and explore and compare them to see which out of the three hotel websites had better features, availability of information and user interface. The three hotels we chose to use for our assignment...

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Microblogging Sites

Aim: To test and evaluate the CMS website www.cms.gre.ac.uk for compliance. To produce a report which demonstrate the Usability, accessibility, standards compliance and content. 1 Screen Shot of the CMS website showing Nielsen’s 10 deeds 9 6 5 4 7 3 2 Usability: The School Website is analyzed for its usability using Nielsen’s 10 good deeds in website design. The following table lists the 10 good deeds by Nielsen and the results for the School Website. Ten Good Deeds in Web Design...

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Internet Advertisement

as brochures, pamphlets, newspaper advertisements, billboards, business cards, and the like. Internet advertising is the conglomeration of electronics—a computer, or server, residing of the same marketing collateral on a professionally designed website, which is also better known as an electronic storefront. Lastly, a promotion, or campaign can be illustrated in the perspective of a “buy one, get one free” or “twenty-percent off, this week only” sales, and the process each business must adhere...

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Google's Guidelines on How to Address Duplicate Content Issues

use some sophisticated tools to assess your website. But there seem to be no problems found at all. However, have you come to think about duplicate content issues? If not, then continue to read on to know what exactly are they, how to know whether your website has it, and the ways on how to fix them. Duplicate content refers to two or more identical or very similar contents that appear on various places. If not deliberately copied from another website, non-malicious duplicate contents do happen...

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Analyse the marketing opportunities and challenges faced by a selected business when using Internet marketing

stores. Apple benefits by having an online website. Firstly, because Apple has located their stores in working/busy areas so Apple can get customers in their store because of the population in which the area is in. On the other hand, the internet has made customers who shop online more easy for them because people who live in a small populated area which is less busy may have to travel more far to locate an Apple store. This is where Apple’s online website takes action. Customers can search products...

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Project 1

Testing & Approval 1 Training 1 Website Launch 1 Review and Testing 1 Budget & Cost Management Plan 2 Cost Management Plan 2 Budget 2 Budget Summary 2 Budget Breakdown 2 Project Tools 2 Communications Management Plan 3 Quality Management Plan 3 Risk Management Plan 3 Contingency Plan 3 References 3 Project Approvals 4 Appendix A 0   Introduction The Twilight Zone Take Away Restaurant has recently approved the development of a website to move their marketing online. The website will aim to capture another...

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Sample Bibliography

Anish. Ray Kroc Biography. http://www.buzzle.com/editorials/4-21-2005- 68865.asp “Ray Kroc was the first businessman to apply the principles of mass production in a service industry.” April 22, 2005 This article was listed on the Buzzle.com website and documented Ray Kroc’s life and early years of his career. It described his personal health challenges and financial decisions. The article was helpful to my research because it provided personal information about Ray Kroc. Kroc, Ray. ...

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Web Site Navigation Paper

probably the single most important piece of a website and if it is not done well, the cascading effects can be disastrous. Navigational menus are not only beneficial for your visitors but search engines and spiders utilize the navigation on your site to create a road map for others within search results. Navigation is not limited to just having a pretty menu, it also encompasses handling pages that don’t resolve, maintaining consistency throughout your website and making it easy for your users to find...

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The Disadvantages That Confront E-Mango.Com If It Does Not Leverage the Competitive Value of the Internet.

trends of today’s world i.e. if the website is not making use of the various facilities in the Internet for marketing their goods then they may have to face lot of challenges. Being a fruit emarketplace, the goods need to be sold out as soon as possible. It also has other competitors who own a fruit emarketplace which makes it difficult to survive. Internet could provide a lot of advantages such as managing the cost, produce profit by the people visiting the website, reach to a lot of people and thus...

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Discuss the emerging risks too individual privacy in relation to the development and use of the web

into maintaining individual privacy. The evolution of digital technology has called for concern for individual privacy. It can be commonly seen in social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter that anyone with access to either of these two websites can see any information that has been uploaded by a person, and this information can be used with malicious intent, such as the compromisation of individual privacy. The most common and often overlooked problem of social networking is locational...

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