Organizational Analysis Paper of the American Heart Association

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Organizational Analysis Paper of the American Heart Association Maria S. Pangelinan
December 13, 2010
David Olsen
University of Phoenix

I will be discussing in detail the creation and reasons of the American Heart Association, it’s importance, the functions and responsibilities of the American Heart Association, the stakeholders’ impact towards the American Heart Association and what are the affects as a stakeholder. Keywords: American Heart Association, functions, responsibilities, stakeholders Birth of the American Heart Association

The American Heart Association has evolved into a nation-wide program since its birth in the 1915. According to American Heart Association (2010) a group of social workers and doctors in New York formed the Association for Prevention and Relief of Heart Disease. Due to the minimal information regarding heart disease people with heart disease are considered doom and most were in bed rest. Many doctors research and studied to determine if people with heart disease could return to a normal life and also return to work. Soon, associations started to form along the East Coast, mainly in Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago in the 1920s. In 1924, six cardiologists together form the American Heart Association. Their main goal was to share research from cities across the United States and Canada and promote further study. According to American Heart Association (2010), the six cardiologists were Drs. Lewis A. Connor and Robert H. Hasley of New York, Paul White of Boston, Joseph Sailer of Philadelphia, Robert B. Preble of Chicago, and Hugh D. McCulloch of St. Louis. Drs. James B. Herrick of Chicago and William S. Thayer of Baltimore were also instrumental with the founding of the association. There were no education or awareness of heart disease and their main goal was to inform many physicians and scientists of the seriousness of heart disease. American Heart Association, (2010) The American Heart...

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