Hca/240 Appendix D

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Appendix D

Cardiovascular Disease Patient Interview

Suppose you are tasked with confidentially interviewing members of a retirement community to see who may be at risk for cardiovascular disease. At the same time, you are asked to help educate the retirement community about what they can do to control their risk of developing a cardiovascular disease. Use the template below to design an interview form you would be able to take to members of the retirement community (age 60 and up). Refer to Ch. 7 of the text, and this week’s articles on cardiovascular health. Remember—you will come into contact with seniors from all walks of life, so write questions that are direct, yet friendly. Apply judgment when writing questions; you cannot possibly cover all forms of cardiovascular disease with one 10-question interview.

Finally, imagine you are actually conducting the interviews within a retirement community when one interviewee says her sister has been diagnosed with a particular cardiovascular disease. She wants you to explain what must be done to treat the disease because her sister did not understand the doctor’s explanation.

Complete the interview and case study below. Post your response to the Individual forum.

Part 1: Interview Form

Cardiovascular Disease Interview

Checklist for Symptoms and Signs of Cardiovascular Disease
1. Do you have swelling of the ankles on a regular basis?. □2. Do you suffer from shortness of breath?.
3. Do you suffer from abdominal pain or sensitivity to touch in that area? □4. Do you feel pressure in your chest, neck, or arms?.
5. Do you have cold sweats on a regular basis?.
6. Do you have high blood pressure?.
7.Do you feel fatigued or tired a lot?.
8. Have you ever been diagnosed with a rapid heart beat?. □9. Have you ever been diagnosed with an enlarged heart?
10. Do you ever feel like there is so much pressure on your chest that you could suffocate? Risk Factor...
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