In N Out Burgers

Topics: Customer service, Food, Customer Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: March 12, 2015
1. Describe In-N-Out in terms of the value it provides for customers.     In-N-Out started simple and stayed simple focused on the core values "customer well-being", and with those core values they created big loyal fan base. In-N-Out provides better customer satisfaction that any other fast food restaurants do. Combining excellent food and excellent service it is giving In-N-Out "loven'it" from the customers, and that is what is the most important value for In-N-Out. 

2. Evaluate In-N-Out's performance relative to customer expectations. What is the outcome of this process?     In-N-Out always  use freshest, highest quality foods, food that is hand chopped and prepared. By using fresh food you can make better tastier meals. Using fresh ingredient In-N-Out can stand behind slogan "Quality you can taste" and many customers are expecting that and they are  convinced that they can taste the quality. In-N-Out invests money in to training their employees and  paying their employees better than any other fast food restaurants. Well-trained employees and satisfied employees are going to provide the best and the friendliest customer service. Instead of investing in expensive advertising they are investing in fresh food and customer service.Outcome of In-N-Out strategy is satisfied customer. Satisfied customer is the best advertising for In-N-Out, they tell other about great experience, and they keep coming back. Many celebrities visiting In-N-Out restaurants and and doing so they giving free advertising to the restaurant.

3. Do you think In-N-Out should adopt a high-growth strategy? Why or Why not?     No, because  many of the long time loyal customers love the concept of In-N-Out as it is. Along with the customers that travel a long distance to eat at the In-N-Out across the U.S. Expanding would tarnish this reputation and the exclusiveness of In-N-Out. I think  expending would limit In-N-Out in delivering of excellent food and  customer service that keep them...
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