Burger King

Topics: Burger King, Hamburger, James McLamore Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: August 6, 2013
Burker king
I would first talk a little bit of their history, so we can have an idea of how BK became well-known, first im going to start by illustrating when it first stated and then how they continue to expand. I would go ahead and focus on some of their main facts. Im going to begin by where it first began back in 1954, founded by two individuals, David Edgerton and James McLamore in Miami, Florida. In where by 1955, they introduce their famous whopper burger, which lead BK to become the home of the whopper. By 1959, BK started franchising; in 1960, BK transformed their logo targeting children leading to have their slogan to “Where kids, are kings”. BK has around more than 12,000 restaurants, making it 90% franchise and 10 % corporate, everything first started in the US and eventually across the world, in 1963 first outside restaurant opened in Puerto Rico. In 1967, they partnered with Pillsbury Company, they purchase BK. One of their famous year, is when they introduced their famous slogan in 1974, “HAVE IT YOUR WAY” which means having your burger custom made with topping and condiments of your choice. It also became a foundation, for funds for a better future for college students as well as the McLamore foundation. In my opinion having a good slogan can bring the audience to be familiar with their food. In 1978, BK introduces a new line of sandwiches to their menu, adding new chicken, fish, and ham sandwiches. By 1998, burger king updates once again to a new logo to keep on their improvements yet keeping their same slogan. Another main year for BK was in 2007, when they celebrated their 50th anniversary, and had the bright idea to scare their customers by claiming their wasn’t any whopper burger in their menu to any further extent, which lead to the “Whopper Freakouts.” One of their recent updates was in 2009, when their first 20/20 restaurant opened in Spring TX, having a modern design that would eventually make every single BK to have a new image, the...
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