Imc Plan

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IMC Plan Outline
1. Executive Summary
2. Problem Statement
3. Situation Analysis
                                                               i.      Strengths of the organization                                                              ii.      Weaknesses of the organization                                                             iii.      Opportunities in the environment (e.g., demographics, political,               legal, technological, social, cultural, economic, ecological)                                                            iv.      Threats in the environment (same list as #3 above) b. Market and Consumer Behavior Analysis

c. Competitive Analysis
d. Product Analysis
3. Target Market(s) and Audience(s)       
4. Objectives
b. Marketing objectives
c. IMC objectives
d. Media objectives
3. Strategies and programs
b. Marketing strategies
c. IMC strategies and programs
                                                               i.      Elements of the IMC mix                                                              ii.      Copy platform                                                             iii.      Creative strategies and executions c. Media strategies

6. Evaluation (pre- and/or post-testing of efforts)
7. Budget (< $1000)
8. Appendices
c. Research
                  b.  Creative execution (e.g., storyboards, media kits, videos, websites)

The Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Plan Explanation  
An understanding of the IMC mix is essential in putting together an effective and creative IMC plan for Greet the Day.  Given an understanding of marketing and how important integration is in a marketing program, you and your group members can put together an IMC plan that will overwhelm the client.  In the process of effectively developing and implementing an IMC plan, marketers and communication professionals should always follow the marketing concept.  Consumers’ wants and needs (i.e., donors and publics) should always be the main focus of the program.  To lose this focus means that the program, although creative or award-winning, will sell no product or service.  There are numerous ways to develop an IMC campaign, just as on a directional map there are many routes to the desired destination.  There are no perfect outlines to fit every IMC manager’s needs. The flowchart on Page 3 offers some direction.  

Organization Mission and Vision
An organization’s mission statement tells why the organization is in operation or in business, the raison d’etre, if you will.  You need to understand this before embarking on the creation of an IMC plan since it will intimately affect the solution you recommend.  An organization will feel uncomfortable with what you recommend if it is inconsistent with their stated mission.  The vision statement of an organization captures the picture of where the organization sees itself in the future.  This is an “idealized organizational self.”  This will also intimately affect the solution you recommend because it involves everyone’s input to insure to develop what the organization thinks it wants to provide to its market and customers.  The vision instills a goal.  It creates excitement and teamwork among those affected by it.  

Situational Analysis
The IMC situational analysis provides a history of the IMC functions and an assessment of the environment in which the IMC professionals must work.   Several factors must be considered in the situational analysis.  The company or organization for which the IMC plan is being created must be analyzed.  The environment in which this organization operates must be understood and detailed.  A market and consumer behavior analysis must be completed.  Further, you must understand the competitive landscape.  Finally, a product or service history and evaluation should be included.  

SWOT.  The...
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