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Act II Boutique is an upscale consignment store that offers a wide range of clothing, jewelry, shoes and purses. The store was opened in August by Debbie Adkins, a former human resources vice president from Texas. As the sole proprietor of Act II Boutique, she is also the only employee and the primary contributor to her marketing and promotional efforts. Throughout our integrated marketing communications plan, we have kept this in mind so that Debbie can easily execute the plan.

Act II Boutique offers many different products. The boutique is separated into three sections including the New Clothing Boutique, Handbag Boutique and the Upscale Designer Boutique.
In the New Clothing Boutique, there are clothes for sale that come straight from wholesalers and have not been consigned. For the Handbag Boutique, customers are offered both new and used handbags. Some of the designer brands include Coach and Michael Kors. The Upscale Boutique includes consigned upscale clothes that have been supplied to Debbie. Brands include Coldwater Creek, Aeropostale, Chicos and Talbots.

In addition to selling products in store, she also posts some products onto Craigslist. This is limited to her 30-day sales such as the $9.99 jeans sale.
Debbie acquires the inventory through two methods. First, she searches for new items she wants to purchase from Topena Marie and Vocal. She receives consignment items from individuals bringing in items they’d like to sell to her. After agreeing on a price, it is placed in the boutique. The original owner doesn’t receive her portion of the profit until the item is sold.

Act II Boutique’s prices range from $1.99 to $159. These prices are lower than other consignment shops and boutiques in the Des Moines area. These prices are determined depending on the quality of product, brand, style and current items in stock. Additionally, Debbie prices items higher if there is a limited supply of the product in Des Moines.

Act II Boutique is located at 3029 100th Street in Urbandale, IA and has only been open for approximately one year. The surrounding stores include Amish Haus Furniture and Classic Tan.
She is open:
Mon - Fri: 11AM - 5:30PM; Thursdays open until 7 p.m. until Christmas Sat: 10AM - 4PM
Sun: Closed

Act II Boutique’s current IMC efforts include advertising, promotions, direct marketing, public relations and interactive.
Advertisements have been tested in the Des Moines Register under the goods section, but have been suspended due to expense. Debbie has also put ads in City View and on Craigslist.
Promotions are a primary aspect of Act II Boutique’s current marketing efforts. The most notable is the 30-day sales. Debbie runs her promotions on a continuous 30-day time schedule because that is the same turnover time of most of her inventory. This allows a customer to come in to visit her store once a month and have a new sale and new inventory. Next, the loyalty program for Act II Boutique is similar to a recommendation program. She allows her loyal customers to recommend a friend by giving them an Act II Boutique business card. If the customer comes into the store and makes a purchase, both the new customer and the recommending customer get $5 off a $20 purchase. Lastly, there are red pen markdowns. The red pen markdowns are a program that Debbie started to signal the lowest possible price on an item. She does this to signal the value of the purchase and the excellent deal the customer can receive.

Direct marketing postcards are distributed to schools and are given to people Debbie meets. The postcard is a promotional coupon for $5 off a purchase of $25.
Public Relations have not been a priority of Act II Boutique. One article has been written about Act II Boutique by the Des Moines Register is August of 2012 (Appendix XXX). This article introduced Debbie and her store to the Urbandale area. Additionally, the owner coordinates...
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