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Letters of Transmittal

Sudirman Plaza
Indofood Tower, 23rd Floor
Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 76-78
Jakarta 12910
14 May 2014
Mr. Thomas Thjie
Sudirman Plaza
Indofood Tower, 27th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 76-78
Jakarta 12910

Dear Mr. Thjie,
I hereby enclose the report of IMC plan of Lays Seaweed Flavor Snack as your request on 4 April 2014. As discussed with you on last month, we have paid closed attention in creating a new and innovative promotion plan for Lays Seaweed Flavor. This report provides a detailed discussion and explanation for an effective promotional campaign.

In this highly competitive market, there are many competitors of Foods and Snacks that we will be compete head to head with. Therefore, we focus more on the communications with the consumers to build values and trust to the Lays brand, so that Lays can become a top snack in the Indonesian market. This report contains a closer look to the promotional tools and create new promotional tools that will be succesful in the market and experience by a lot of people. To make a creative approach, the Creative Strategy is created with the idea of the advertising plan and description of major selling idea. The purpose is to make creative development of communications with IMC Planning Process.

Thank you to Mr.Thjie for the opportunity to work in this project. We will be honored and would glad to discuss any questions you may have at our meeting next month.


Siaowan W.

Siaowan Winarto
Lays Brand Manager

IMC Plan of Snack Lays Seaweed Flavor for Indofood Fritolay Makmur Company

Prepared for:
Thomas Thjie
CEO of PT Indofood Fritolay Makmur

Prepared by :
Siaowan Winarto
Brand Manager

Wed, 14 May 2014

Executive Summary

PT Indofood Fritolay Makmur has been created many food brands in the market and most of them all have its strong presence in the market and favorited by consumers. Lays as one of the brand under this company is also going to make breakthrough to success with the Lays Seaweed The purpose of creating this report is to develop an Integrated Marketing Communication Plan for Snack Lays Seaweed Flavor in order to meet the goals of the promotional campaign. This promotional campaign period will take 6 months from June 2014 to December 2014.

This report consists of the company background and descriptions that established the Lays brand in Indonesia. It is also consists of descriptions of target market that is chosen as a potential target market which are students and young people who live in urban and suburban city area and are dynamic, open to new experience and new products. A deep target market description is also describe in this report such as the detailed psychographic segmentation. The positioning of Lays Seawed is using product attributes and benefits which are suitable to differ the product from competitors. It is also analyze the effectiveness of current promotional mix which consists of less advertising, internet marketing and sales promotions. Therefore, In order to be successful in the market, the new promotional tools are created from Public Relations, creative print advertisement, more sales promotion, and point of purchase which in fact is highly effective to achieve the IMC Objectives which one of them is to increased the sales to 20% in one year.

It is also provided a major selling idea which create the idea or theme of this IMC plan and creative strategy with “happiness” and it will attract more people, because all people have relation with “happiness”. Moreover, an example of advertisement is also provided with the description of the advertisement from advertising appeal to media vehicles and provide creative tactics describing the headline to body copy, the advantage and disadvantage of using the advertising. Furthermore, at the end of this report it is also provided conclusion and recommendation to suggest more...

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