Marketing Communication Project: Outline and Guidelines

Topics: Marketing, Target market, Strategic management Pages: 4 (714 words) Published: February 28, 2013
COVER PAGE (as shown above)
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (discuss project-focused highlights below in at least 2 pages but not more than 3 pages)

Short background of the study/project

Brief description of the product / offering, target market and market share (% & volume) 
Promotions mix highlights and budget cost

Conclusion / Recommendation
TABLE OF CONTENTS (by major title and subtitle with page numbers) LIST OF TABLES and FIGURES (with titles and page numbers)
INTRODUCTION (at least 3 pages)
A. The Company – nature of business operations and target markets B. Market Offering - current product lines and branding
1. Product (characteristics, attributes, features, quality, image; include pictures, etc) 2. Value proposition (differentiation aspects / benefits / Why should the product be bought?)
A. Industry Analysis
1. Industry Definition and Drivers
2. Industry Players (companies, market size)
3. Market Competition (brands, distribution, differentiation) 4. Competitive Assessment (competitive profile matrix )
5. Key Success Factors
B. Internal & External Environmental Analysis
1. Changes In Macro-Environmental Factors (demographics, economics, technology, political-legal, culture, nature)
2. Task Environmental Analysis (Porter’s 5-Forces Model of Competition) 3. SWOT Analysis / TOWS Matrix
A. Vision, Mission, Values & Objectives (strategic & financial) B. Generic Strategy, Supplementing Strategies and Functional Strategies C. Marketing Goals & Targets
A. Target Marketing
1. Segmentation (define the market and its segments, quantify market size, show segmentation variables, and cite sources of data)
2. Targeting (justify choosing the target segment / quantify potential sales volume and target market share)
3. Positioning (positioning statement, unique selling proposition) B. Marketing Mix

References: be placed in a CD envelope pasted on the inside face of the back cover
 Deadline of Submission is on March 08, 2013 (late submittals will not be
February 22, 2013 – Draft 1 [Market Offering and Market Analysis (sections I & II)]
March 01, 2013 – Draft 2 [(Marketing Strategy (sections III & IV)]
March 08, 2013 – Final Paper [complete with Marketing Communications Plan (section
V), the improved drafts, section VI and the rest of the required contents]
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