Ilm M3.33 Effective Meetings for Managers

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This task requires you to explain how you would prepare for, manage and contribute to a meeting

Section 1: The purpose of an Agenda
A meeting agenda communicates important information and informs all attendees what subjects will be discussed in the meeting. It lets attendees know the parameters & helps prevent deviation from the topics on discussion. Most importantly, the meeting agenda gives a sense direction & helps people prepare for the meeting as it will clearly state is prep work is required.

The meeting agenda needs to contain a series of information to assist with the smooth running of the meeting. (See Appendix 1 for sample meeting agenda)

1. Meeting start & end time.
2. Meeting location.
3. Actions from previous meeting.
4. Topic headings and any further details if required.
5. Indicate the time each topic is expected to last.
6. Indicate which meeting attendees are expected to be the main topic attendees.

Section 2: How to prepare prior to a meeting
To conduct a successful meeting the following items should be completed: 1. Make sure an appropriate meeting time and place is available & confirmed. 2. Book any specific requirements such as presentation equipment or catering requirements prior to the meeting. 3. A notice of the meeting should be sent out in advance to allow attendees to make arrangements to attend or decline if not convenient. This can be done as an email. 4. Send an e-mail/calendar appointment stating there will be a meeting, when and where it will be and the aim of the meeting. Ask those invited to accept or decline the meeting. Make it clear that once they have accepted the meeting, they are expected to attend. 5. Ask attendees that have requested an agenda topic to contact you more than two days in advance of the meeting. Along with their topic request they should state the amount of time they require to adequately present/discuss. 6. Give as much prior notice to all attendees of any meeting documents such as the agenda, minutes from previous meeting and any other required literature. 7. When all of the agenda requests have been submitted, summarize them in a table with the headings; Agenda Topic, Responsible/Presenter, Time & Duration. It's your responsibility to ensure that each agenda item is directly related to the goals of this particular meeting. If a request is made that doesn’t relate to the meeting, ask that person send an e-mail or memo instead recommending that this agenda item be discussed in another meeting. 8. Send the agenda to all the meeting attendees the day before the meeting with a reminder of the meeting goals, location, time and duration. At this time, ask the presenters if they are happy with the order in which they will be speaking and the amount of time they have been allocated.

You must also consider and be realistic in the amount of time you allocate to each presenter. Don't squeeze an unrealistic number of agenda items into your meeting. When people accept an hour meeting, they would expect it to be finished after an hour. Some people may get uneasy or agitated if the meeting runs over the scheduled time as they may have other meeting to go to. It's better to schedule 50 minutes of topics/discussions into an hour meeting. That way you have 10 minutes to spare should you need it.

Section 3: The role and responsibilities of the chairperson, secretary and individuals When running an effective meeting the Group members attending should know in advance of the meeting what roles they will be undertaking.

The chairperson’s role is to facilitate the smooth running of the meeting. They are responsible for taking the meeting through the agenda and making sure the meeting starts and ends on time. The chairperson is also responsible for welcoming and introducing attendees to the meeting and delivering an appropriate opening. The...
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