Unit 310 Outcome 1

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1.1 Explain the purpose of using different types of presentation and equipment to provide Information

The purpose of using different forms of presentation is because certain information is best presented in different forms. As people we all have unique ways of learning and ways we find easier and more engaging. To utilise this individuality it’s often necessary to construct presentations, from each of the four main types.

The 4 main types of presentation are:

1. Informative - These are used to present information derived from research. 2. Demonstrative - “How To” guides, or any presentation that shows you how to do something. 3. Persuasive – A presentation dedicated to altering the opinion or behaviour of the audience, E.G. Presentations on healthy eating and its benefits. 4. Inspirational – These presentations are designed to emotionally interact with the viewer. They often encourage the audience to go after their dreams or goals in life and will often include inspiring stories to engage people emotionally.

1.2 Explain the procedures to be followed when preparing a presentation, including planning, preparation of content, materials, and contingencies

Planning is an important part of any presentation, so I start by making a brief plan on what I information I need to include in my presentation. From that I need to decide what kind of presentation out of the 4 available types would be most suitable in the situation, and plan accordingly. I can then gather various pictures, video or other media I may include in my presentation and where it will be placed. I attain a copy of the presentation brief so I can be sure of the requirements of the presentation, such as using the company branded template. As a contingency in case my audience cannot see my presentation I print out hand outs, this allows the audience to re-read any slides they are interested in.

1.3 Explain the benefits of preparing for giving a presentation

Preparing for a...
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