322 Plan and Organise Meetings

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NVQ Level 3 Business and Administration
Unit 322 Plan and organise meetings
1. Understand the arrangements and actions required for planning and organising meetings 1.1Explain the role of the person planning and organising a meeting
To identify a suitable time and venue.
Order refreshments and arrange for equipment as required.
To canvas for availability to ensure suitable attendance
To circulate agenda and any other papers
Point of contact for further information, apologies etc.
1.2Describe the different types of meetings and their main feature
Board or Steering Group meetings to discuss strategic issues/direction. These meetings have a Chair person and the discussion and actions are recorded. Agendas and minutes are produced for these meetings.

Working Group meetings. These meetings usually have a Chair person and are held to progress an identified area/project. Action notes can be taken as a record
Small performance meetings between commissioners and providers to discuss activity and targets.
Staff/Team meetings for the sharing of information
1:1 meetings to discuss workload/set tasks
1.3Explain how to plan meetings that meet agreed aims and objectives
Identify suitable representatives to attend the meeting
Ensure attendees are aware of aims and objectives in advance
Agree an agenda that will address the aims and objectives
1.4Explain the purpose of agreeing a brief for the meeting
So attendees know what the meeting is about and what the aim is. People bring relevant information/send relevant representative from an organisation 1.5Explain how to identify suitable venues for different types of meetings

The room needs to be big enough to accommodate the number of people attending
The right equipment needs to be available e.g. facilities for presentations etc
The venue needs to be accessible for all attendees.
The venue can provide suitable refreshments if required
1.6Describe the types of resources needed for different types of meetings
If a presentation is to be given people may require a screen, projector, computer/laptop
A flipchart stand and paper may be required
Facilities to play a DVD
Microphone if using a large room, including roving microphone if asking for feedback 1.7Outline the main points that should be covered by an agenda and meeting papers
Time, date and venue for meeting
Agenda should state the items to be covered and who by
If enclosures are being used these should be identified on the agenda and circulated with the papers
If there are minutes from a previous meeting they should be circulated in advance. 1.8Explain the purpose of meeting attendees needs and special requirements providing them with information required for meetings

Ensure that the venue is accessible to all attendees
Ensure that papers are circulated in an appropriate format. Some people may require large print or coloured paper to make them readable.
People may require a hearing loop system
If providing refreshments, especially food, you will need to know about dietary requirements. 1.9Describe the health, safety and security requirements that need to be considered when organising meetings

The venue should meet health and safety requirements e.g. no trailing wires, fire exits etc
Make housekeeping clear. Where the toilets, fire exits are, whether there is a fire alarm test due etc
Is there restricted access to any part of the venue? Does this impact on accessing the meeting area.
People need to sign into building as required for fire register 1.10Explain the purpose and benefits of briefing the chair before a meeting
To ensure that they are clear on the aims and objectives of the meeting
Aware of who is attending, doing presentations etc
1.11Explain the purpose of welcoming and providing suitable refreshments to attendees if required
Everyone should be welcomed at the beginning of a meeting and introductions made if people are not...
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