Cert IV Business - BSBWHS401A - Assessment 2 Q & A (Competent)
Topics: Hazard, Risk, Occupational safety and health, Management, The Work, Team / Pages: 2 (460 words) / Published: Oct 29th, 2013

BSBWHS401A - Assessment Two

Q1. Explain why effective consultation and participation is necessary to manage WHS/OHS risks.
It's vital that consultation regarding WHS/OHS occurs in each work team. This is not only because it's a legislative requirement to do so, but also because it's the most effective way to ensure worker health and safety.
Team members are likely to identify hazards in the workplace well before management do. They are the ones most likely to come across the hazard first. For that reason, their active involvement in the WHS/OHS program is vital.

Q2.Who would you consult with to manage WHS/OHS risks?
In a larger organisation you may consult with the work team, refer the matter to the elected safety representative, the safety committee or outside experts, depending on the issue and your organisation's procedures.
Within our small home business I would consult with my father the Owner/President of the company and we would work together to find a viable solution to either eliminate the problem, or minimise the risk.

Q3. Give three examples that show how you would ensure effective consultation with and participation of your work team in managing work area hazards.
Formal meetings – where WHS/OHS is raised as a weekly item in which any staff member can raise concerns or questions which will be noted and direction taken to fix the problem and report back the development progression as soon as possible.

Hard Copy Materials – In order to ensure that all team members can easily locate any information they require, it is good to have accessible hard copies either in WHS/OHS folders or a safety noticeboard in the lunch, meeting or work area.

Team members should be informed about and cooperate with safety requests, such as checking equipment before and during work, participating in daily informal consultation and regular formal meetings, as well as inspections of their particular work area and any WHS/OHS audits and reviews.

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