Malindi Airport Wellness Report Quarter Two 2012/2013

Topics: The Quarter at Tropicana, 2012 Pages: 2 (361 words) Published: May 4, 2013
This report covers activities and events undertaken by the Wellness Group/Committee in the period October, November and December 2012 (Q2): - 1) OCTOBER
* One on one sensitization
* Snap checks on dispensers
* Wellness meetings.
One peer educator (Rajab Jumbe) attended ADA training for 3 Days at EASA from 22nd to 24th October 2012. 2) NOVEMBER
* Snap checks on dispensers
* Committee/Peer Educators meetings
* Presentations of monthly reports
* Sensitization of ADA Policy to all staff
* Disseminating information on effects of ADA through presentations to all staff Malindi & also through outlook/email. Training
One peer educator (Protus Kiptoo) attended TOT (on Wellness) at EASA from 26th -28th November 2012.

* Peer Educators/Committee meeting to restructure and make a work plan on how to deal with issues at work place. * Disseminating of leaflets and pamphlets on health matters to all stakeholders at the Airport. * Forwarded a letter to HQs concerning insufficient allocation of funds towards one of our Wellness Programmes to be held within the Quarter Ref: KAA/MLI/10/32/01/192. This was Financial Wellness Seminar that was to take place. Training

Two peer educators (Caroline Soi, Lucy Wangu) went for TOT training (on Wellness) at EASA from 5th -7th December 2012. Special report
1. After several meetings and forums it was found that the department of engineering is the most affected in relation to ADA issues and Peer Educators are strategizing on how to approach and assist our colleagues in the department. 2. More training should be organized to continue sharpening and equipping our Peer Educators in their duties to counter the challenges they receive while undertaking the same. 3. We are yet to get our Resource Center. This also has become one sensitive challenge to the entire Peer Educators group. NB: We held our...
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