Idioms and Phrasal Verb

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Unit 4
1. keep their head: remain calm and sensible
2. as right as rain: absolutely fine
3. feeling a bit under the weather: not feeling well
4. look the picture of health: look very healthy
5. as fit as a fiddle: completely healthy

1. My father always keeps his head in difficult situations.

2. Drink this cup of hot tea and you'll be as right as rain.
3. I'm afraid I have been feeling a bit under the weather for weeks.
4. Have you seen Jane lately? She looks the picture of health.
5. Ever since I started exercising, I've felt as fit as a fiddle.
Unit 5
1. eager beaver: someone who is hard working and enthusiastic. 2. let sleeping dogs like: not to interfere with something.
3. change horses in midstream: to change your attitude, opinion halfway through something. 4. let the cat out of the bag: to reveal a secret
5. crocodile tears: false tears put on for effect.
6. feel/be like a fish out of water: to feel uncomfortable because you are in a new situation.
1. Jenny has only been in her new job a week and she's already reorganised the whole office. She's a real eager beaver.
2. If I were you I would let sleeping dogs lie and don't tell anyone about your pay rise just yet.
3. We can't count on John, he is well-known for changing horses in midstream.4. I accidentally let the cat out of the bag and told Kim about the party.
5. I don't care if she was crying, they were probably only crocodile tears.
6. Henry is comfortable in every situation. He never seesm to feel like a fish out of water.

Unit 4: Phrasal Verbs
come down with: fall ill with
I think I'm coming down with flu

come by: find, obtain
Jobs are hard to come by these days

die out: become less common and eventually disappear completely This species has nearly died out because its habitat is being destroyed.

die away: (of sounds) become weaker and finally disappear completely The sound of their laughter died away.

Unit 5: Phrasal...
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