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Autoethnography Outline
1. I am a Christian and a kindness shown me by one Muslim girl, Salamatu, changed my perspective on Islam as a whole. 2. Before I encountered her, I had reservations about mingling with any Muslim because I was scared of them; I thought they were all involved with terrorists somehow. I also thought and strongly believed that their faith was wrong. As an educated person, I felt really embarrassed admitting my ideology about Muslims because it made me feel shallow minded. 3. On the morning my car broke down, I walked past her in the apartment complex without greeting her, I always did that. She found me stranded on the freeway, and insisted she helped me. 4. When she offered her help I refused vehemently because I did not want to have anything to do with a Muslim, but she was adamant and persisted till I caved in. She used her membership at AAA to help tow my car, which saved me a few hundreds. 5. I was overwhelmed with her kindness, since I lived next door to her and still ignored her anyway, I thought she would do the same, but she helped me. After the incident she became my friend, this allowed me to know about Islam and I came to realize that even though we believe in different patriarchs the teachings of the Quran and the bible are pretty much the same. Again I realized that not everyone who practices Islam is involved with terrorist activities. She was just a normal college girl like me.


I spent a great amount of time trying to decipher how to get the car to start. Meanwhile, Joe just sat there by the side of the road eating crackers. “We’d be on our way now if you would just call a tow truck!!” he yelled. I paid him no mind, that’s all he ever does anyway, talk. Yet, he was right. I couldn’t afford a tow truck, I was still waiting on my next paycheck, since the last one finished the next day after I cashed it. I leaned against the trunk of my car, I looked down at my shoes they were...
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