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Topics: Problem solving, Dormitory, The Opportunity Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Residential Life Assistant Outline
Spring 2013 Building 1 (RA)
A semester prior to becoming a (RA) I presumably would have stated this occupation is "to be the guardian of the dormitory." While in certain ways that proclamation may be correct, I know now that a RA does more than that. My second semester living on grounds has permitted me to watch the callings of a RA most nearly. Compressing my perceptions I can privately state that the RA enactments more than a guardian to the dorm residents; as the semester come to an end I have excel in many ways also got better understand of the position purpose which was to maintaining a great request in the home corridor, maintaining a constructive living environment and advertising scholarly, private and social development for understudies. This is opportunity as RA is more than a job i grown to be more of a professional by demonstrating many qualities for not just the residential life but the University: A. TEAMWORK

A. -Teamwork:
1. I contribute to build positive work relationships.
2. As a team member i did what was ask of me to get exceptional team results 3. I participated as a team member in achieving the stated goals 4. I show Encouragement amongst all team members
B. -Leadership:
1. Leadership is my greatest asset. I show confident in this position with my maturity, self-esteem, self-reliance, motivation, initiative, high energy level, and took pride in my job responsibility. 2. I was dependable and reliable to these job requirements and enforced all policies that were asked of me. 3. I was helpful and professional in situation i had to handle involving my peers.

C. - Problem Solving
1. I was open to provide peer counseling (listening and referring) for residents and respond appropriately in emergency situations. 2. I help Provide support and assistance to other staff as necessary. 3. I Work with residents to develop a community atmosphere on the...
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