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Tabbing Your ICD-9CM Book
This video is designed to help you tab your ICD-9-CM book. It’s important to mention that although you may or may not be using a different edition of the ICD-9-CM book than what is shown in this video, the instructions for tabbing will be the same no matter which edition you may be currently using.

Before moving forward, let’s make sure you have what you need to tab you book. First, be sure that you have your ICD-9-CM book while viewing this video so that you can follow along. Second, will need the durable tabs you will be using that were described in the ICD-9-Overview video or scotch tape to tape the tabs if you are not using the durable tabs. Third, you will need a pair of scissors to cut your tabs out. And, finally, you will need to have the sheet with tab labels printed out that are referenced in the instructions located directly above this video. If have not already printed out your tabs, there are instructions directly above this video with a link to download a PDF sheet of tab labels that you can print out. Pause this video now if you need to print out your sheet of tab labels. You will get the most out of this video if you pause it as needed and follow along with the instructions to tab your own book. Ready? Let’s get started.

The first tab label listed on your sheet is the “Table of Contents”. You can find the Table of Contents in the front of your ICD-9CM-Book. The table of contents should look similar to this, although it may not look exactly like what is shown if you are currently using a different edition of the ICD-9-CM book. Notice that the page numbers are blurred out, this was done intentionally to avoid confusion if you are using a different edition than what is shown. Rest assured that these instructions for how to tab your book will be the same no matter which edition of the ICD-9-CM you may be currently using.

Let’s place a tab on the side of the “Table of Contents” page. There are many different ways to place a...
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