Exam 11A

Topics: Computer data storage, Blu-ray Disc, CPU cache Pages: 16 (1635 words) Published: May 5, 2014
1)All of the following are Task Manager tabs EXCEPT ________.(1 point)





2)The Windows 7 diagnostic tool used to monitor how efficiently the computer is running is the ________.(1 point)

Services bar

Task Manager

Services tab


3)Computer users who do not have Windows 7 and would like to reap the benefits of Task Manager can ________.(1 point)

upgrade the amount of RAM and replace the CPU

buy a whole new computer system

download a shareware utility such as Task Info

download a virus protection software package

4)The Performance tab graphs CPU performance and memory usage during the day. If you consistently see that the performance of the CPU is peaking around ________ percent or higher, you might want to consider upgrading the CPU or even the entire computer system.(1 point)





5)The ________ tab includes the name of the individual pieces of each program that is running on your system and the program to which they belong.(1 point)





6)Using the Networking tab, a network utilization of ________ calls for changing the type of networking being used rather than adding RAM or changing the CPU

20 down to 10 percent

56 to 100 megabits per second

80 to 90 percent

10 to 20 megabytes
7)Page files are used when the CPU runs out of physical memory. The disadvantage of this is that ________

the service that enables page files to be used must be activated

there is no way to monitor the amount of space on the hard drive being used by the paged files

the hard drive where the page files reside is much slower than the CPU

the CPU might not be able to trick the CPU into thinking there is additional memory 8)To determine whether a program is running or hung up you would go to the ________ tab.




9)The contents of the CPU cache and registers get erased every time the computer gets turned off.

10)RAM enables the computer's CPU to hold information, even when it gets turned off.

11)Which type of memory is used as the working storage space of the computer?


CPU registers

Hard drive

Thumb drive
12)The installation of an additional hard drive would be an example of a hardware configuration improvement to your computer memory hierarchy.

13)Which of the following is a very expensive form of high-speed storage?



Hard drive

Cache and registers
14)Which of the following is not a type of memory?

Hard drive



CPU registers
15)Which of the following statements is NOT true about the CPU?

The CPU processes information.

The CPU maintains data when the power is turned off.

The CPU keeps track of where the next instruction comes from.

The CPU sets aside values while making complex calculations.

16)The CPU cache and registers are very inexpensive types of memory.

17)Which of the following is an example of resource-intensive programs that might require more RAM?

Adobe Photoshop



Microsoft Word
18)Which Web site will help you determine which type of RAM your computer needs?




19)What do you do if there is an error message when you reboot the computer after installing RAM?(1 point)

Take the RAM chip out and try...
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