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Math SL Portfolio – Tips and Reminders Checklist
Notation and Terminology
Check for the following:
• I did not use calculator notation. (I didn’t include things like ‘x^2’ for or Sn for Sn)
• I used appropriate mathematical vocabulary.

Check for the following:
• The reader will not need to refer to the list of questions in order to understand my work.
• My responses are not numbered.
• I have an introduction, conclusion, title page, and table of contents.
• All graphs are labeled – Each graph has a title, labeled axes, and appropriate scale.
• My graphs and tables are within the body of my work. They are not separate or in an appendix.
• I have explained why I made the choices I did when going through the task.
• I did not include key stroke sequences, e.g. “I pressed the 2nd key, then TRACE…”
• My tables do not straddle pages.
• My tables are labeled well, including my variable definitions in each column. Use of Technology
Check for the following:
• I used technology to illustrate my points and ideas. I didn’t just “stick in” a graph.
• Each graph or table (or other piece of tech.) is accompanied by explanations and my ideas.
• I did not include too many graphs on the same axes – my graphs are easy to read.

Mathematical Process (Type 1)
Check for the following:
• I explicitly defined variables and parameters the first time I used them, even if they were already defined in the portfolio handout.
• I stated any constraints/limits on the values of the variables (e.g., “time cannot be negative”).
• I did not state conjectures/ideas as facts.
• I used proper mathematical strategies to produce my data.
• I organized my data in a table, chart, or other useful representation.
• I tested my general statement by using known data.
• After testing my general statement with known data, I considered further examples in order to further test and apply my general statement.

Results (Type 1)

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