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Nurserosalind I am nurse/ chargenurse

Identify the type of chart or graph and what this type of chart or graph usually depicts.

At the base of the article, there is a vertical bar chart of the Number of time-loss heat illnesses surrounded by high school sportspersons, each month. Vertical bar charts frequently represent the number of events or episodes from the group, with this being the case the number of time-loss heat illnesses each month. From time to time bar charts are furthermore utilized to represent percentages of each group as well.

Why was this graph chosen to display this data?

This graph illustrates a prominent impale in the number of heat illnesses in the Month of August, one of the radiator months and first months in which football training take place. It articulates to one of the major summit of the article, that heat illnesses take place the majority habitually when athletes have not on the other hand had a probability to become accustomed to the heat.

What other types of graphs could have been used? Why?

A horizontal bar chart possibly will have been utilized as this is the equivalent chart as the one accessible barely the axes are interchanged. In adding together a line graph possibly will have symbolized the equivalent data to illustrate the trends in illnesses over time.

Is the scope and scale of the graph appropriate? Why or why not?

Yes, the scope and scale of the graph are suitable. The x-axis of the chart illustrates all the accessible months of the study, with the omission of 17 cases in which at hand was missing data, but this is distinguished in the title above the graph. In view of the fact that the graph consists of counts, the y-axis is properly shown from 0 to 70, presently below the extreme number of cases in what's more given month. In calculation, all axes are properly labeled and a title convoys the graphic. The chart of graph elected came from the Unites State Centers for Disease Control and...
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