Hydrosphere: Life and Water

Topics: Life, Organism, Water Pages: 1 (253 words) Published: August 21, 2010


We all know that water occupies 75% of the Earth’s surface. Water is a component of living cells and every cell in a living organism is made up of almost 75% water and this let the cell to function normally. Life would not exist without water.

Water gives habitat meaning the hydrosphere gives a significant place for many animals and plants to exist. Water takes a long time to heat up and it also takes a long time to cool down. This is important in helping to control temperatures on earth so that they stay in a range that is suitable for life to exist. Ocean currents also help to diffuse heat. Humans and the industry use water in a number of ways like drinking, washing, cleaning, etc. Oceans are usually selected as the monitor of the earth's climate on the longer time-scale because they damp huge as well as strong temperature changes. Water can also be used to produce electricity through hydropower.

I conclude that hydrosphere is very important in our daily life. We need the water to live. All living things like animals, plants need water to survive. And all these things can be useful to us but we shouldn’t abuse but conserve this instead. When we use this properly, we help the environment by saving the fishes and other living organism, we save preserve drinking water for our everyday use. We also save energy and we save ourselves. Use water wisely and properly.
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