Topics: Environmentalism, Snowy Mountains Scheme, Sustainability Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: April 16, 2012
Water conflicts part B – Question
Referring to examples, assess the potential for water conflict in areas where demand exceeds supply.

Water insecurity is a lack of sustainable use, protection of water systems and the protection against water related hazards. Excess demand can cause many potential conflicts regarding water; most of the negative outcome will reflect on the environment. If a scheme for any water system will not be efficient and clean, the environment will be affected. A good example of a clean and efficient scheme was used in Kosciuszko National Park were they have used a hydro-electric source of renewable energy. However, it still had some effect on the environment. Therefore, the environmentalist and the eco-friendly community may cause conflicts that the Park is damaging the environment. Also the water is used for attractions like swimming and canoeing, which may cause conflict between people associated with the hydro-electric scheme and tourists. Another example of a water conflicts will be selling the Snowy Hydro Scheme, as it belonged to the New South Wales, Victorian and Federal governments, and they had the idea to privatize the scheme by floating the company on the Australian Stock Exchange. Water conflict is usually between citizens of the area and government or a company. For example the government invests in water saving project to insure that farmers who rely on water do not experience water shortages. But if there is a moment where cuts have to be done and farmers might be the ones, there will be a huge conflict as farmers will need water and the government will have to save money. Water also impact on plants and animals, it impacts on the environment as a whole. It may cause conflicts between the environmentalists and the owners of the area. As for example the owner of the area would like to transform his area eg. Build dams; whereas the environmentalists wouldn’t agree because it may harm the ecosystems will get damaged In my...
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