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Cathay Pacific is a well known airline around the world. Each year its planes travel over 600,000 km, instead of captains, it needs a large number of flight attendant for providing customer service and ensure the safety during the flight. Our project aims to design the recruitment process and help Cathay Pacific to find the right person for flight attendant.

The project may include the job analysis to redefine the duties and requires. The recruitment plan is made to enlarge the mass cover of the recruitment notification. The selection tool may include as well to seek the right person and reduce the selecting process. Finally the training plan and management plan may discuss to educate the new staff and measure their performance. Job Analysis

Flight Attendant (Cathay Pacific)

Flight Attendant is part of the cabin crew staff in an airline. The job duty of a “Flight Attendant” requires a person to undertake different kinds of tasks to provide excellent customer service to passengers. He/she helps passengers for different things to make their journey sage and pleasant.


-Greets passengers, verifies tickets, records destinations plus directs passengers to assigned seats. -Assists passengers to store carry –on luggage in overhead, garment, or under seat storage. -Explains use of safety equipment, like seat belts, oxygen masks, and life jackets. -Walks aisle of plane to verify that passengers have complied with federal regulations prior to take off. -Serves previously prepared meals beverages.

-Observes passengers to detect signs of discomfort, and also issues palliatives to relieve passenger ailments, like airsickness insomnia. -Administers first aid according to passenger distress when needed. -Answers questions regarding performance of aircraft, stopovers, and also flight schedules. -Performs other personal services, like distributing reading material pointing out places of interest. -Prepares reports showing place of departure as well as destination, passenger ticket numbers, meal plus beverage inventories, palliatives issued, and also lost found articles. -Collect money for meal beverages.


Performs variety of personal services conducive to safety comfort of airline passengers during flight.

-Permanent Hong Kong resident status
-Minimum age of 18
-HKCEE: Minimum of Grade E in 5 HKCEE subjects. ( including level 2 or above in English Language) Or
HKDSE: Minimum Level 2 in 5 New Senior Secondary School subjects (or “Attained” for Applied Learning subjections or Grade E for other language subjects) including English Language, or equivalent. -Fluency in English and one of the following Asian languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Tagalog or Thai. Proficiency in Mandarin is preferable. -Polished interpersonal skills with a positive attitude and customer-oriented mindset. -A minimum arm-reach of 208cm and physical fitness to pass the per-employment medical assessment.\


-Flexible work schedule
-Flying/Ground Duty Allowance and Outport Per Diems
-21 days’ annual leave
-Staff and family concessional travel benefits
-Medical coverage
-Comprehensive Insurance Scheme

Recruitment Plan
The balanced selection of the recruitment sources to be used in the organization is a key success factor for the effective recruitment process. The organization can choose from many recruitment sources as it can optimize the recruitment process. The recruitment sources drive the costs, length and quality of the job candidates.

-Newspaper Job Advertising

Lower Cost: Newspaper recruiting allows us to target a specific geographic location such as a town or county. This can be especially helpful if the job requires knowledge of the local area. This can also help to keep...
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