BUS303 Job Description Paper

Topics: Project management, Human resources, Recruitment Pages: 5 (894 words) Published: August 3, 2015

Job Description Paper
Kimberly V. Adams
BUS303: Human Resources Management
Instructor Marissa Trejo
14 July 2015

Job Description Paper
A Human Resources Manager cannot draft an accurate job description without first performing a job analysis. The analysis collects and evaluates information pertaining to a job’s content and human requirements which is then used as a resource for creating the job description (Youssef, 2012). Requirements for the position of project manager are inherently the same for any company no matter the nature of the business. Project managers for a janitorial business perform the same tasks as a project manager for a construction company, just with different end products. A job description for a project manager includes overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution and control of specific projects within the company’s strategy and goals. This paper will describe the tasks, tools and technology, knowledge, skills and abilities, and educational requirements of the project manager as well as recruiting techniques and methods of assessment for recruitment for a qualified project manager. A job description has three parts that identify the tasks, duties and responsibilities to be fulfilled (Patò, 2013). It contains an identification section introducing the job title, department, location and other information needed to track employees by the human resource manager. A general summary is a clear statement that summarizes the job and differentiates it from others. The third part is a detailed list that specifies the functions, tasks, duties, assignments, commitments and responsibilities that the job entails. It is within the job description that details the tasks, tools and technology with which a project manager requires. Tasks that a project manager would perform are to lead the planning and implementation of a project and to facilitate the definition, scope, goals and deliverables. He needs to define project tasks and the resource requirements and manage resource allocation. A resource manager must develop a full scale plan and manage the project budget, plan and schedule timelines, and provide direction and support to the project team. Using appropriate tools, such as certain computer programs, he would track deliverables, monitor and report progress, report problems and solutions and manage any changes and interventions to achieve specific outputs. While job descriptions and job specifications are generally used interchangeably, job descriptions refer to the specifics of the job and a job specification refers to the specifics of the person. It provides the requirements needed from potential employees, such as education, knowledge, skills and abilities (Youssef, 2012). For many companies, a project manager has to have certain knowledge and skills and a minimum education requirement. For a project manager, the usual minimum education level required is a qualification in project management or a bachelor’s degree. There is usually a minimum amount of experience required also, before an employer will trust such an extensive scope of responsibility to an individual. This experience would corroborate the person’s knowledge and abilities to accomplish the tasks required. Skills should include critical thinking and problem solving, decision making, competence in planning and organizing, communication, and delegation. There are many ways to advertise for an open position, from handwritten signs in windows to the online job sites. The most common factor in advertising is cost and reach. The future is moving to the web and job sites and social media. So one of the best ways to advertise a position is to post online. Most company’s today have a website and career link. This is the cheapest way to advertise and the most manageable. Another way to advertise that would reach targeted audiences would be through professional magazines. If the position is for a small company...

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