Human Resource Role in Knowledge Management

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The urge of an organization to acquire and preserve the knowledge of its employees within its organization has lately become tremendously increasing due to the rising competitions among all organizations. Be it a profit or non-profit and big or small organizations, the environment of the present situation is so much different from a particular organization doing its business 10 years ago. In those days, an organization has all the luxury of keeping its best employees for long enough even to some extent until their employees stop working and retire. But now, an employee may leave his or her workplace due to much better prospect offered by other companies. With such short scenario that has been illustrates above, it justify the emerging concept of knowledge management. There are also other essential factors that made knowledge management at present becomes more and more important to an organization. As described from Shelda Debowski writings:

Knowledge is the process of translating information (such as data) and past experience into a meaningful set of relationships which are understood and applied by an individual. As the values of employees and organizational data have become more crucial to the organization’s outcomes and competitiveness, the concept of knowledge management has emerged. Knowledge management is the process of identifying, capturing, organizing and disseminating the intellectual assets that are critical to the organization’s long-term performance.[i]

The statement above shows the imperative of knowledge management to an organization with regard to ensuring its survivability. But then, what is the relation of human resource role in knowledge management? Where actually human resource management and knowledge management jive together? It is therefore, the aim of this paper is to provide the impression of the human resource role in knowledge management. This paper is divided

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