Human Resource Management in a Call Center

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Human Resource Research Paper
Human Resource Management in a Call Center

Instructor: Kathryn Taft Advanced Human Resources Management BADM 382 March 16th, 2005 Raymond Chow

Executive Summary One of the growing yet toughest industries for human resource to manage is the call center. The call center industry has one of the highest turnover rates compared to other jobs due to its high level of stress and dullness. Retention starts with hiring the right person for the job. Human resource recruiters should look for applicants with these characteristics: self motivated, high tolerance for stress, positive attitude, good listening skills, good communication skills, ability to work as an individual and in a group, good problem solving skills, and enjoy helping customers. A good way to test out the applicants is to pre-screen telephone interviews to test out their phone skills. One of the most useful techniques that call centers use is the employee referral program. This program allows employees to recommend a friend, relative, or family member to the job and receive a cash prize if they pass the probation period. This technique tends to provide the new recruit with more realistic expectations and can provide a better cultural fit. Training and orientation is also important in human resource management in a call center. Training should include lots of role-play so employees can get comfortable talking to customers over the phone, learn to turn negative thoughts into positive ones, and understand the company’s goals, mission, and corporate culture. Another interesting technique used by companies such as, is having all new employees in the organization take part of the training and orientation of the call center to learn about the company and make them realize that the call center plays a big role in having a successful organization. Lastly, retention reduces turnover costs, improves customer service productivity and satisfies customers, and increases employee morale and profits. There is no one tool that can help retention, therefore common techniques that can be used together include good benefits and compensation, reward and recognition, ongoing training, job enlargement/rotation/enrichment, and ongoing performance appraisals. It is also evident that rewards and recognition help motivate call center employees over money because if the work is stressful, money doesn’t really matter. Introduction Today, with the growth in the call center industry, turnover is one of the biggest issues they are facing. Always tied to a phone, call center workers often cope with abusive callers, dreary work environments and computers that monitor their every move. A nationwide report states a 33 percent turnover rate, almost 10 times the average of all other types of jobs. I chose to research the topic of Call Center Recruitment and Retention because I have worked with two call centers before, Club Intrawest and While working, I have noticed a high turnover rate within 90 days of their probation period. I believe this topic will deepen my knowledge and help me understand the issue with my career goal of being a human resource employee at As a part of my research, I have interviewed a human resource recruitment director, Raj Dhillon, from the

call center of In this paper, we will be discussing the human resource management methods (recruitment, training and retention) in a call center. Raj Dhillon is an online sports book and casino that has a call center for sales and customer service in Vancouver, and a wager center in San Jose. Raj Dhillon started with as a customer service agent. After several months as a customer service representative, her skills and ability to learn quickly allowed the managers to see that she was able to train new employees. Because the call center was expanding quite fast, after her role as a trainer, she was promoted to Human Resource Recruiter for the...

Cited: Dhillon, Raj Personal Interview, 1st March, 2005-03-15 ew _reducingturnover_rr.pdf+call+center+reducing+high+turnover+rates&hl=en
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