Human Resource Management

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Role HR executives in an organization
1. Ensuring timely initiation and proper compliance of statutory requirements under various labour laws.
2. Recruiting of workmen as per the selection procedure specified [such as site requirement as confirmed by MANAGEMENT, background clearance, skills test & confirmation] 3. Ensuring disbursement of statutory minimum wages, and review of skill grades and wage rates if warranted.

4. Obtaining/generating and maintaining the requisite statutory records relating to attendance, overtime and earnings of all workmen at the site. 5. Ensuring that overtime work and its payment are in accordance with the statutory requirements

6. Arranging, maintaining and rendering medical first aid to workmen of the site, as and when need arises.
7. Arranging hygienic up-keep of labour camp(s), site canteen(s), sanitary facilities and crèche/rest rooms at all times.
8. Displaying the specified statutory notices in accordance with labour laws and updating them, as and when required
9. Implementing all rules, procedures, directives etc. applicable under various statutes including those prescribed by the Management.
10. Installing and operating the internal systems of the company in relation to attendance recording, overtime work, wages records, statutory deductions and any other specified matters.
11. Reporting the labour strength, attendance, PF Coverage, IR & WC cases, Black listed workmen, overtime details, cost information of labour wages and related expenses to MANAGEMENT and to the IR Dept periodically.

12. Liaisoning with labour department, job related government officials, the workmen, sub-contractors and special agencies to maintain good industrial relations and to ensure full statutory compliances

Basic are differ from company nature but common basics are below,

3.Define job Description of Employees
4.Job Annalysis of Employees 
5.Leave Management
6.Employees Loans and Advances 
7.ESI & PF and other govt related Employees welfare 
8.Performance Appraisal
9.Employees Transfer, Promotions and terminations.
10.HRIS to MD

Steps involved in HR Planning
The four steps involved in human resource planning are:
* gathering and analysing data;
* establishing human resource objectives and policies;
* developing and implementing action plans; and
* evaluating the effects of these plans.

Gathering and Analysing Data
Your SWOT analysis should provide you with a good starting point as to the general internal and external environmental factors you should be considering when undertaking human resource planning. Other useful factors that should be considered are:

* seasonal periods of high demand (e.g. tax return work, services currently offered); * services planned to be introduced in the future;
* services planned to be dropped or scaled down in the future; * technological changes (e.g. electronic lodgement);
* legislative changes (e.g. law simplification);
* the skills inventory of existing staff;
* anticipated demand levels for services from clients;
* productivity measures (e.g. average time to complete specific tasks); * promotional and other activities; and
* the chargeable time available to different staff members. There is no crystal ball available to assist in turning all of these factors into demand forecasts. Do not overlook the fact that not all activities result in chargeable time. Make sure...
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