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Scenario Solution
March 18, 2012

NSLB (No Student Left Behind) Organizations Quest to Save Students No Student Left Behind Organization is a non-profit organization, providing educational training programs for High School drop outs. Educational programs will include completion courses for High School Diploma and, vocational training related to the current job market. Our vocational training course is Website Design. The course will include basic hands on training in the areas of Web and Graphic Design, Logo, Business Card, Brochure, Flyers, and Poster Design. No Student Left behind Organization designed this program to assist High School Dropouts with obtaining high tech-training to help become a part of the current competitive job demand of Web Graphic Design while earning a High School Diploma. Statement of Opportunity

NSLB Organization goal is to provide students with education and necessary skills to succeed personally and professionally in today’s current job market. Impact on Organizational Structures
The importance of the executive director’s vision is to teach students skills that will help them to become marketable in the career of Website Graphics. This program is targeting the Detroit Metropolitan area is mostly affected by the depressing increase of High School drop-outs. In the last two years the Detroit High School dropout rate has climbed to 15% from 5%. The executive director’s vision is to improve the economy by increasing the rate of students who earn High School Diplomas. Students who complete the vocational training course also will become prepared to enter the workforce. This opportunity will also help the majority of dropouts gain an alternative education to become self-motivated and productive in their community.

Requirement of this program are, each student must attend classes and complete all necessary training requirements. Students have to complete both the training and educational program to receive a certificate. Students who meet all organization requirements will receive an opportunity to design web pages for local business owners. Local Business owners have agreed to write employment recommendations for students who professionally design a web page. Teachers for this program are professional Web Designers who have expertise and are knowledgeable about today’s demand in Web Graphics. Teachers will provide this program in a small class setting of 20 students and two instructors. All class rooms will be fully equipped with computers that have up-to-date programming and software. Students will learn the fundamentals of web design. Students will receive knowledge and training detailing the design, creation and maintenance of web pages, websites. Students will also develop skills in such area of software, developing application. Each student will be scheduled to attend class four semesters a year. Students will receive one-one training to ensure that each student is, understanding the lessons that are taught. This program will impact the local community by showing other member that the problem surrounding the High School Dropout rate is focused on by an Organization with a vision for success for the community economically and professionally. NSLB organizational personnel structure will include, Executive Director, an administrative assistant, trainers and human resources manager all will be responsible for the productivity of the organization mission. Human resources manager will be responsible for placing trainers in correct vocational departments. Human resources will also be responsible for the personnel initiatives to ensure the organizations goals are met. Internal monitoring by human resources management of the trainers ensuring that the quality of education is provided adequately in a safe and professional environment to the students is a part of the strategic goal. Human resources will be responsible for regular consultation with trainers and trainees to ensure that...

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Achieving Excellence in the Management of Human Services Organizations
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