Boys and Girls Club of America

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The Boys and Girls Club of America is an organization with an objective to help the youth of America to become well-rounded, accomplished, and productive members of society. All of the programs that are offered by the club are strategically designed to aid in the education, and development of understanding the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Thanks to the Boys and Girls Club life-changing opportunities are offered to thousands of youth across the country.

There are six major categories in which there are various programs strategically designed to teach, encourage and aid them succeeding in all aspects of a well-rounded lifestyle. The broad categories are education and career; character and leadership; arts; and specialized programs. Also implementing programs in; health and life skills; and sports, fitness, and recreations.

The education and careers programs’ main focus are to get every member of the club to graduate high school and find a rewarding career. It is the concerns of the staff for the club to prevent students from dropping out, intervene in any lifestyle tribulations that maybe preventing growth in a positive direction, and most importantly to enhance their education. There are a dozen individualized programs for club members that focus on different areas of education. In one program for example youth members are given the opportunity to experience careers in youth and human services, by giving them jobs at their local clubs. There are several technical programs where technology is the main focus. Examples of the programs’ focus are video game designing, and engineering, computer technology. A number of other programs focus on encouraging students to be self sufficient and individually motivated in doing activities such as their homework, pursuing college careers and the adult careers, and actively participating in being a positive example for fellow youth.

Character and leadership being another major focus of the club have a...
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