Track Stuff Inc. Cmgt/410 Team Paper

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Running head: TRACK STUFF INC.

Track Stuff Inc.
Learning Team A
University of Phoenix

Track Stuff Inc.
Before approaching the project objectives, one must first understand a little background on the project. What is this company? Software Solutions started in Idaho as a small company, family owned. Through the 1980s, the company was able to provide reliable software solutions to its customers, creating one of the first user-friendly inventory tracking software solutions to the farmers. Each year, the need for this great inventory tracking software increased. Subsequently, new versions released each year. The company expanded its database software customizable to each of the users. The company was growing so fast that no longer could the small family support this software alone. After much thought the family decided it was time to rent an office space, hire outside help, and build a small help desk for software support. A successful project will ensure constant support for the product, reinforce customer confidence, and in return increase revenue. Every day in the world, a project is taking place. From a company that decides to expand operations and needs additional space to an IT company creating software, one thing remains constant. These are projects, and as with many projects a systematic process exists, in order to identify all the tasks are accomplished and the project stays on track. Concerning the company Track Stuff Inc., the following eight phases are essential and in this paper are covered •Planning

The planning phase of any project is the heart of the project. At this point one must look into the future and see what the end goal of the project is. During this phase, three essential things take place: •Project Objectives

Mission and Goals
Without a project or objective what is a project? Debating this question could span hours, but bottom line, in order to define the project objectives a few areas of concern exist: First, one must define a timeframe and budget for the project. Track Stuff has come up with 6 months and a budget of 125K. Next, what are the performance expectations of the plan? What potential risks are involved? Do contingency plans exist? Track Stuff Inc. sat down at the planning meeting and came up with the following two tables to answer these questions: Table 1

Performance Expectation
Various SubsystemsPerformanceReliabilityDescription
ComputersXP, PII 95% service requests, etc
CablingShielded CAT 5100% meet specs for security
Backup Power 4 months100%data integrity in power loss
Network EquipmentCisco100%Interconnection equipment
Voice capabilities VOIP100%Sound, Video, Voice

Table 2
Risks and Contingencies
Loss of InformationLowBack up appropriate information on multiple devices and locations. Network IntrusionMedUpdate security software. Create and use disaster relief plan. Breach of contractsHighConsult legal. If breach, send out rebid, penalize breached company. Theft (physical security)HighPerform background checks. Use backups and re-prioritize project.

Mission and Goals of Project
Independent scholar and futurist, Joel A. Barker once stated, “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” (Barker, 2002-2008). No other place is this more true than in project management. A project may begin as a vision, but it will never come to fruition without proper project management. One vital element in project management is to define the mission and goals of the project. Failing to define these items properly can possibly be grounds for the much dreaded “scope creep.” The mission and goals of the project define the requirements, but do not state how, to satisfy objectives previously...

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