Topics: Discrimination, Merrill Lynch, Employment Pages: 4 (1322 words) Published: May 11, 2015
1. Which purposes of performance management did the appraisals described in this case fulfill? Which purposes did they not fulfill? - The appraisals which were described in this case fulfilled the administrative purpose of performance management by assessing the employees day to day efficiency and overall all work ethic and attitude and this provides information needed for organizations to make decisions about hiring or layoffs. For example, Merrill Lynch laid Bostjancic off and hired new employee. - Developmental purpose was partially fulfilled by evaluating how employees were advancing and what skills and strength they possessed. In this case, Wan Li received performance appraisals reported that she was exceeding expectations.  - Strategic purpose was not fulfilled. The employees were told what was expected but not what they had to do to meet those expectations. Like in Bostjancic’s case, she was only told that she must improve her work dramatically but not how to improve it specifically to match the organization’s goal. 2. How can managers and HR departments minimize the likelihood of disputes arising over whether employees are continuing to perform at the same level? - Providing examples of where levels and standards were met and where they were not. It’ll make the employees understand how their skills, knowledge, and other criteria met those standards which fit that level. - Clearly explaining where the employee is and where they are expected to perform at. Each employee have their own level and this level depends on how they perform at work. Their level reflects the truth about their skill, knowledge, and ability to perform their work. - Use several "checkpoints" to gauge where the employee is at with meeting standards throughout the year: • Communication with clients, artists, agents, etc.

• Working under pressure, deadlines met
• Improvements in performance, attitudes, behaviors, …

 This way is used to check...
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