Pros and Cons of an Employee Handbook

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One way to provide employees with a clear understanding of what is expected of them is through the creation of written policies and procedures contained in an employment handbook. An employment handbook provides employers with a mechanism for communicating their expectations, and for setting codes of conduct in the workplace. This is important in small, medium and large workplaces as it provides employers with a means of communicating their expectations to employees directly and clearly, and provides employees with clear expectations of what to expect from the employer in the Workplace.

An employee handbook gives employers an efficient and effective means of communicating with employee's about the nature of their expectations and, if used properly, is a means of receiving employees input and feedback on the creation and implementing of policies and procedure in the workplace. Obviously, in some workplaces, an employee handbook may be unnecessary. When there are a small number of employees and the employer/owner is present in the workplace and able to convey information to the employees in a simple and direct manner, there may be no need for an employee handbook. However, even in small workplaces where communication is not a problem, it may be useful to have written policies for employees to ensure that they are given information on how the workplace functions and their roles in ensuring that it continues to do so in an appropriate manner.

A main upside of issuing an employee handbook is establishing uniform, well defined employment policies. Even an apprentice HR professional recognizes that the major trait of good employee relations is standardized and consistently applied personnel policies. In a nutshell an employee handbook defines and codifies the employer’s standards. These defined and communicated standards allow employers of large and small organizations to treat its employees consistently.


There are several reasons why a company should have an employee handbook. To enumerate a few, it places employees on direct notice of what is required of them and summarizes the employer’s personnel policies. A meticulously drafted employee handbook can be a motivational tool – it can provide the employee with company history & set forth the company’s objectives and core values in addition to explaining the role an individual employee plays in achieving them.

It is not unusual for many employers to assume that employees know and understand what is expected of them, even when these expectations are not communicated to them in any direct manner. One way to provide employees with a clear understanding of what is expected of them is through the creation of written policies. These written policies serve as a clear roadmap for the employee in understanding standard level of organizational behaviors which is required, and has to be abided by in an organization.

1. They provide an opportunity for employers to identify and...

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