Topics: Employment, Termination of employment, Background check Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: November 20, 2014

Assignment 3.2
Discussion Questions
1. Evaluate this situation from the viewpoint of David Edmondson’s RadioShack have done differently? I don’t feel that Mr. Edmondson had any integrity from the day he applied for the job to the day he resigned. His leadership was, in fact, based on unethical actions. RadioShack could have done several things differently going as far back as how they handled their background checks up to taking responsibility of the outcome, which they sugarcoated just to protect their name rather than their stakeholders. I feel that, as a company, they should have owned up to the situation. They should have admitted fault with their hiring process from the years past and made it right with their honest employees and consumers. Mr. Edmondson should have been made the example of being he signed his name on his application where he was asked if all of the information he provided was in fact true. I feel that there would have been a lot less clean up that way. 2. What stakeholders might be impacted by this situation? What concerns might each stakeholder have had? Were any of the stakeholders’ concerns in conflict with each other? Explain. What impact might this had on the employees? Stakeholders from upper management on down to your store sales associate and stockholders to consumers…everyone, including me and you, were impacted by this situation. As an employee you had to wonder if you were going to lose your job as a part of Mr. Edmondson’s “turnaround” plan or as a consumer if stores were going to close in your area making shopping at RadioShack inconvenient because the next closest location was on the other side of town. Investors were at risk in losing their money because of the drop in stocks. This man almost singlehandedly ruined RadioShack. 3. Do you think...
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