Hrm 594 Strategic Staffing week 07 (Course Project – Internet staffing methods compared to traditional staffing methods )

Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Labour economics Pages: 10 (3399 words) Published: February 18, 2014
Course Project – Internet staffing methods compared to traditional staffing methods INTRODUCTION
Internet staffing methods compared to traditional staffing methods: time, cost, quality, and retention: Strategic staffing works as an essential key element to recognize and deal with the concerns related to staffing in various departments of an organization. Staffing is broadly defined as process of attracting selecting and retaining competent individuals to gain organizational goals. Every organization use some form of a staffing procedure and staffing is the primary way an organization influences its diversity and human capital. The nature of work in 21st century presents many challenges to staffing. Companies are having hard time to find competent employees. Some reports indicate that half of employees are passively seeking for another jobs and a sizeable minority is actively seeking new jobs. This is such a problem that many organizations actually face greater recruiting challenge than a selection challenge. Selection will only be effective and financially defensible if a sufficient quantity of employees apply to the organization. Traditional staffing method may cost more money and may prove less effective. The Internet is a medium to facilitate this transaction of buying and selling labor. The appeal of doing business on the Web is obvious. The Internet brings together buyers and sellers of goods and services and by automating transactions, web markets expand the choices available to buyers, give sellers access to new customers and reduces transaction costs for all the players (Kaplan and Sawhney2000). The methods of traditional staffing were very time consuming. The companies used to publish their job advertisements in newspapers. Candidates from different fields applied and posted their resume to the companies’ HR department without focusing on the specific criteria. As a result, the companies received huge stock of resumes. To separate the relevant resumes for recruitment was a difficult and time consuming task. Hiring process took months to get completed but now as social media and internet has introduced in the field of staffing, so the organizations are facilitated by implementing its appropriate and convenient practices of recruitment, producing perfect results. Job boards are the most common and well known. Popular job boards make it easy for job seekers to search available positions and easy for recruiters to advertise those positions. Although job boards are free to job seekers companies must pay a fee to utilize these services. When it comes to keeping costs low in regards to staffing methods, the internet is the best place to turn. Here are some mostly internet staffing methods used by companies: •Monster and Hot Jobs - These two companies make up well over 80% of the entire market. A job seeker is going to have a presence in at least one of these. It will cost company about $400 to place a job. •Linked In - If company wants to conduct research for candidates, then this is the route to go. Access to Monster resumes can easily cost $1000 per month based on total views. Business will need to set up a company page and have a strong profile for the person who is the point of contact. •Craigslist - This is the alternative to spending $400 to place a job posting. It costs $25 to place a job, and Business will get immediate results from listing. This is ideal for entry level and admin jobs. PROBLEM

However, a vast number of companies still prefer the traditional method of hiring. These companies do not believe that they can hire talented employees by posting job openings online. In addition, they believe that money spent on online advertising and job listings is an unnecessary expense. Many recruiters use the following traditional methods in their staffing project management. • Pen and paper notes

• Excel Spreadsheets
• Outlook
• Contact database software (such as Act or Goldmine)
These traditional...
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