Alignment of Staffing and Organizational Strategies

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Devry University
Keller Graduate School of Management (KGSM)
HR 594
Strategic Staffing
Instructor: Dr. Jennie Wong, EdD, MBA, SPHR

Alignment of Staffing Strategies with Organizational Strategies

Carlos Molina
Human Resources Alumni
Keller Graduate School of Management (KGSM)

Table of Contents

Staffing Strategies6
Importance of Staffing Strategies6
Organizational Strategies7
Importance of Organizational Strategies7
The Problem7
HR594 Topical Area8
Staffing Quantity: Levels Approach11
Staffing-Proactive Perspective12
Focus on issues, not organization.12
Define issues on an ongoing basis, don’t create an event.13
Focus on planning and acting, not reporting13

Companies that hire personnel without proper planning or companies that use an individualistic approach (one manager making the entire decision) fail to produce effective short and long term results, because their staffing strategies are not aligned to those of the company; they respond to the decision of a single person (the manager). There is a difference on what makes sense for one single manager and what makes sense for the entire organization, while a manager may just want to contract an employee for a short term assignment, the company may want to fill the temporary position internally in order to cross-train employees, this is the main reason staffing strategies need to be aligned with organizational strategies.

Staffing decisions come into play in almost every department of an organization. In an average company, several managers at different levels and even supervisors are responsible for making hiring decisions; however in order to do so effectively, they certainly need additional information. Most of the time managers and supervisors need to think in terms of how much staff they have (surplus), or how much they need (shortage); what type of training should be provided, whether it is more beneficial to acquire employees or sub-contractors, and of course, they also need to think in terms of all the legal ramifications that comes with establishing employment relationships. Staffing strategies are key players in developing an organization’s mission, and contribute significantly in shaping an organization’s culture. Staffing strategies are not only meant to project position requirements and labor force availabilities, instead they play a very important role in developing employee’s skills, increasing employee’s morale, retention and in shaping a comfortable work environment. In this context, it is important to point out that Staffing Strategies do not exist in isolation and are not separate organizational entities; they should be treated as integral organizational processes and must be align with the organization’s goals and strategies. Staffing Strategies should reflect an organization’s mission and goals, and should change accordingly with them.

Alignment of staffing strategies with organizational strategies is an extremely important topic that many organizations don’t understand and treat as separate concepts. This paper is intended to address the concept and importance of both staffing and organizational strategies, problems associated with them, causes of the problems, solutions, how this topic related to Human Resources 594 (the class) and a personal reflection on the learning’s from the investigation.


Staffing Strategies
Staffing strategies are generally formulated at organizational levels, and they are usually summarized in a formal document. In general Staffing Strategies provides overall guidance on how you deal with staff. Staffing Strategies include how you identify new staff, the types of people you want on your staff, how you'll develop...

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